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Listening to the 2022 Record Store release of Judas Priest's - Hero, Hero.

Sounds fantasic.


Tunes from Rocka Rolla and Sad Wings --- I never owned Rocka Rolla -- can't say I even listen to it all the way through (probably have, but forgot) - anyway right out the box Judas Priest were writing killer tunes.


Was at my mother in law's house this weekend for Mom's day --- she has this crazy antenna TV system, which has music video stations from the each decade ----happen to catch the Rock Rolla's video for the first time --- it took me a second to realize that was Judas Priest ----  Rob's hair threw me for loop --- then I heard him sing.



And of course my kid just turned  down the record....


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Those are really the only two Judas Priest albums I ever listen to. 


That video is from The Old Grey Whistle Test show.


I have always liked Winter/Deep Freeze/Winter Retreat. I guess they do no own the masters to those first two albums.


I think I got Sad Wings of Destiny when I was a teenager in the early 1980s.

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Yeah definitely from The Old Grey Whistle -- need to search out the full video - did not realize that they were on it.


Listening to "Run of the Mill" now --- great, great tune.

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Just received a used copy of Somewhere in Time on vinyl --- this was the last tape I bought from Iron Maiden before I went off to Grateful Dead land  - I did buy a knock off tape of Seventh Sign at a flea market when it was it released ----  anyway it's been a long while since I listened to it - I forgot that "Deja-Vu" is a kick ass tune.

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Oddly enough - I have been re-watching all those great documentaries they have on Youtube. I think they must film everything when they go on tour. That was actually the last Iron Maiden album I bought also. I don't think l have heard it since 1987 or so.

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