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Robert Pollard, Etc.

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like every Pollard post-GBV record with the exception of the phenomenal From a Compound Eye & outstanding Keene Brothers, it has two or three great songs and a ton of filler


Pollard's post-GBV career has been a massive disappointment, although the spaceships live shows were great



C- Normal Happiness

C- Standard Gargoyle Decisions

C- Coast to Coast Carpet of Love

F Superman is a Rocker

C- Off to Business

C The Crawling Distance

C- Elephant Jokes

D Brown Submarine

D Planets are Blasted

? Zero to 99 (haven't heard it yet)

D- Sgt. Disco

D- Ataxia

D- Gringo

i would think that Roob (i mean Hardwood) would rank these differently now...

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My Top 50 favorite non-GBV Pollard tracks.


1. John the Dwarf Wants to Become an Angel/Boston Spaceships (Our Cubehouse Still Rocks)

2. You Satisfy Me/Boston Spaceships (Brown Submarine)

3. Silk Rotor/Robert Pollard (We All Got Out of the Army)

4. Pop Zeus/Robert Pollard w/ Doug Gillard (Speak Kindly of Your Volunteer Fire Department)

5. Touched to Be Sure/Robert Pollard (Shellfish Trivia)

6. Love Is Stronger Than Witchcraft/Robert Pollard (From a Compound Eye)

7. Supernatural Car Lover/Robert Pollard (Normal Happiness)

8. The Blondes/Robert Pollard (Robert Pollard Is Off to Business)

9. Lightshow/Robert Pollard (From a Compound Eye)

10. Tight Globes/Robert Pollard w/ Doug Gillard (Speak Kindly of Your Volunteer Fire Department)


11. Chevy Marigold/Boston Spaceships (Let It Beard)

12. Subspace Biographies/Robert Pollard (Waved Out)

13. Dancing Girls and Dancing Men/Robert Pollard (From a Compound Eye)

14. Death of the Party/Keene Brothers (Blues and Boogie Shoes)

15. Make a Record For Lo-life/Boston Spaceships (Let It Beard)

16. I Surround You Naked/Robert Pollard (From a Compound Eye)

17. Zero Fix/Boston Spaceships (Brown Submarine)

18. Let It Rest For a While/Boston Spaceships (Zero to 99)

19. Piss Face/Ricked Wicky (I Sell the Circus)

20. Canned Food Demons/Boston Spaceships (The Planets Are Blasted)


21. Tattoo Mission/Boston Spaceships (The Planets Are Blasted)

22. Two Area Girl/Boston Spaceships (Brown Submarine)

23. In the Bathroom (Up 1/2 the Night)/Boston Spaceships (Our Cubehouse Still Rocks)

24. Rud Fins/Robert Pollard (Coast to Coast Carpet of Love)

25. Pegasus Glue Factory/Robert Pollard (Normal Happiness)

26. The Original Heart/Robert Pollard (Robert Pollard Is Off to Business)

27. Make Use/Robert Pollard (Waved Out)

28. Love Your Superman/Robert Pollard (Superman Was a Rocker)

29. Up Up and Up/Robert Pollard (Faulty Superheroes)

30. I'm a Widow/Robert Pollard (From a Compound Eye)


31. Go For the Exit/Boston Spaceships (Brown Submarine)

32. Circle Saw Boys Club/Robert Pollard (Silverfish Trivia)

33. Rhoda Rhoda/Robert Pollard (Normal Happiness)

34. How Wrong You Are/Boston Spaceships (Zero to 99)

35. Miles Under the Skin/Robert Pollard (Coast to Coast Carpet of Love)

36. Airs/Robert Pollard (Honey Locust Honky Tonk)

37. Hammer in Your Eyes/Robert Pollard (From a Compound Eye)

38. I Can See/Robert Pollard (We All Got Out of the Army)

39. Minefield Searcher/Boston Spaceships (Let It Beard)

40. Conqueror of the Moon/Robert Pollard (From a Compound Eye)


41. Earmarked For Collision/Boston Spaceships (Let It Beard)

42. Winston's Atomic Bird/Boston Spaceships (Brown Submarine)

43. Tabby and Lucy/Boston Spaceships (Let It Beard)

44. Feel Not Crushed/Robert Pollard (Standard Gargoyle Decisions)

45. Our Gaze/Robert Pollard (Coast to Coast Carpet of Love)

46. Blessed in an Open Head/Robert Pollard (From a Compound Eye)

47. Track Star/Boston Spaceships (Our Cubehouse Still Rocks)

48. Stifled Man Casino/Airport 5 (Tower in the Fountain of Sparks)

49. The Butler Stands For Us All/Robert Pollard (The Crawling Distance)

50. Release the Sunbird/Robert Pollard (Not in My Airforce)



Tried to do 100, but it was too hard.  Plus, I'm too green a Pollard fan to tackle such a task - far too many holes in my Pollard collection.

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powerblessings = yes.

Submarine Teams is a great song, too as is Enjoy Jerusalem.. 


the last 7 songs on NIMA are lo-fi classics... totally out of the feel of the main LP, but hearkening back to the days when they'd spit out 2-3 perfectly crafted 7" singles a year.



"People Are Leaving" from _Waved Out_ is a perfect little Beatles-esque ditty.


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Okay, so here is what I do have:


Crickets: The Best of the Fading Captain Series

From a Compound Eye

Not in My Airforce

Robert Pollard Is Off to Business

Coast to Coast Carpet of Love

Standard Gargoyle Decisions

Elephant Jokes

Faulty Superheroes

Speak Kindly of Your Volunteer Fire Department

We All Got Out of the Army

Blues and Boogie Shoes (Keene Brothers)

I Sell the Circus (Ricked Wicky)

King Heavy Metal (Ricked Wicky)

Brown Submarine (Boston Spaceships)

The Planets Are Blasted (Boston Spaceships)

Zero to 99 (Boston Spaceships)

Our Cubehouse Still Rocks (Boston Spaceships)

Let It Beard (Boston Spaceships)

Alien Lanes (GBV)

Bee Thousand (GBV)

Mag Earwhig! (GBV)

Under the Bushes Under the Stars (GBV)


I have a couple songs here and there off albums like Waved Out, Silverfish Trivia, Blazing Gentlemen, Honey Locust Honky Tonk, Space City Kicks, Superman Was a Rocker, and The Crawling Distance.  Where should I head next?

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Thanks for the rec's tinnitus & people leaving.  Just finished listening to Propeller and will dig into Fiction Man.  I love Bob's power pop masterpieces.


lost highway - There's no such thing as cutting in.  I played HLHT yesterday.  Sounds nice to my ears.  I see it is one of his most critically-acclaimed solo releases.  Right out of the gate, I really like "I Killed a Man Who Looks Like You" and "Airs".  I think that or Fiction Man will be my next Pollard purchase.

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