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If anyone on here has had an opportunity to listen to Rodriguez, his songs are darn good. I am one of the many music fans who's jumping on his bandwagon after he was rescued from obscurity by this popular new documentary:




He seems an easy sell for people who like Dylan, Bill Fay, Buffalo Springfield.


Cooler still, he got a second lease on musical fame (kinda like what happened to Mississippi John Hurt). Here he is rocking Letterman decades after his LP release:



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I found out about him a couple years back when Light in the Attic reissued his two records, I've been a fan ever since. I'm really looking forward to watching the documentary.


p.s. While driving around town this morning I heard "Sugar Man" on CBC radio (Canadian station.) Pretty cool to see him finally getting some recognition.

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I've got "Cold Fact" and I'd say 10 songs out of 12 are solid winners. I never get tired of "Crucify Your Mind",


I got turned on to that song (and Rodriguez) in a mix that GtrPlyr (I believe) made here a few years back. I really want to see this movie, it hasn't been anywhere near me yet, but as soon as I can get ahold of a copy I'll be there.



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He's looking really old and feeble.

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  • Analogman changed the title to Sixto Rodriguez

I, too, am sorry to hear this.


I got to see him play a short set opening for Brian Wilson in 2015 (?) and he seemed pretty feeble then.  He had to be helped on and off stage.  The songs and his performance were great, though.


RIP. :(

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