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Philip Seymour Hoffman -- DEAD

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I think I'm missing your point, Lou.

Not really important I guess.


I am reflecting on my own personal experience. I know folks who do AA because of serious problems who seem to be able to live with school in their homes because their spouses did not stop drinking. I have also known people who had serious problems with alcohol that now can go into bars or restaurants and not drink. Since really I don't know that many ex heroin addicts I don't know if they can live in a place with heroin lying around, but I would think it would be fairly difficult.


NO biggie either way.



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the thing is with opiates that makes it so different from other drugs.
you can smoke pot 30 nights in a row and  have a blast. maybe go out of town and you may feel a tiny bit sleepless the first night or something.

if you do opiates like me and jeff and jerry Garcia and trey anastasio and whoever else with about 36 hours of running out (if you have a heavy habit) you might be shitting yourself but you will definitely be sick in a way  that is literally X10 worse than any flu or anything that's even explainable.

I never screwed around with the shit until I was past 30 and it would make me feel like I was 17 years old and could do anything physically and mentally. Noone around you really knows and I went further in my career and everything else.............until............the POS that had first given me oxys free lost his script and the party came to an end. I was a year or two in at this point and a project manager of a large software team and I had to be at work on time and late into the night and 100 percent with it all the time.

Well guess what? You cant even begin to fake not being sick when youre dope sick. You need a month minimum to even start to recover physically. Think about how taunting that is and what you have to admit to everyone around you just to make something like that happen.

So you keep on using. Nowadays luckily have drug called subutex. You can eat ten and even 20 of them and never ever get high. So once you figure that out you take only one maybe two a day and its costs you less than ten bucks. But it fills your receptors and stops you from getting sick. You may need to take a few days off but you can function. The main thing is that you have to learn how to live without ever getting that beautiful high again. If you want it. Subutex can take you there. Then you ween off of that over a very long period of time until youre able to be drug free.

It changed my life more than you could ever know. I was a wreck the first time I went to see my doctor and now I haven't used any opiates in 4 or more years. And really don't have an urge to because I know how dark the road gets.

anyway rant off.

Just trying to explain the difference between opiates and other stuff. Its physically impossible almost

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There have only been a couple of actors from that generation (basically mine, 40s-50s) who have really caught my attention: him and James Gandolfini. Damn, it's been a bad coupla years for film.


I remember when my ex and I went to see Doubt, with PSH and Meryl Streep. The ex was a good Catholic, and after the movie, she couldn't stop talking about that character. She was really pissed at him, as if it were not a movie. The guy was a brilliant actor for sure.

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