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Philip Seymour Hoffman -- DEAD

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I have no idea if he was sweet or a dick but yeah, he was a great actor and clearly thought a lot about his art and the perception of himself in that trade....


I also saw the 60 Minutes piece and came away thinking what a sweet person he seemed like. Maybe sweet seems too . . . sweet. . . but definitely down to earth, genuine, sincere, thoughtful and very present in the moment. Yeah, a sweet person!


There have only been a couple of actors from that generation (basically mine, 40s-50s) who have really caught my attention: him and James Gandolfini. Damn, it's been a bad coupla years for film.


I remember when my ex and I went to see Doubt, with PSH and Meryl Streep. The ex was a good Catholic, and after the movie, she couldn't stop talking about that character. She was really pissed at him, as if it were not a movie. The guy was a brilliant actor for sure.


He had some interesting things to say about that role in an interview on Fresh Air that was rebroadcast last week. The audience is supposed to leave the film not knowing the truth, but he said that as an actor he had to know whether or not his character was a pedophile and play the role from that perspective. I've seen the movie more than once, though, and I have to say, he did a masterful job with the ambiguity. It's certainly not clear to me, even after repeated viewings.

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I am going to re-watch Synecdoche, New York very soon (just checked it out from the local library). 


I just picked this up Sunday from the library, myself -- the Olympics have been delaying my viewing.


Need to watch the 60 Minute segment.

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I just watched this interview, done a little over a year ago. Eerie in it's prescience.


I have watched a bunch of interviews this week. He always makes contact with his audience. There is something delightfully professorial about his interview style,

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