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Getting to know the SSF5 Musicians/Bands & Comedians

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Every single Solid Sound, I find myself wishing I'd spent more time beforehand, researching the talent. It's so easy to overlook a gem! So let's help each other get introduced to this year's roster with a collection of videos.


Just pick an artist on the roster and post a video of them. 

I'll start with a couple.




A bit of delicious Tweedy to get the anticipation rolling!


And my favorite Kevin Morby song...




Now YOU pick us one! We have a whole bunch of people to research.  :banana  :bounce8


Here's a link to the lineup so you can choose an artist to explore: http://solidsoundfestival.com/lineup/

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I just posted this in the SS thread but here again is Joan Shelley. Jeff Tweedy is producing her upcoming album, and she's currently on tour with Richard Thompson.


Tiny Desk Concert

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i actually like that song quite a bit, it's catchy as hell. I've seen Kurt a lot but am still waiting for him to play "Blackberry Song." That's another fave.

I don't know his songbook all that well, but for me it's Wakin On A Pretty Day, and everything else.




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