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2017 Top 10 Favorite Albums

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Here is the short (one CD version) of my 2017 playlist: https://open.spotify.com/user/patrick_jacobi/playlist/36Vw6FTqk0acJLbl6rxARm?si=ozgKTRl3SgSDAbtYbSVO-Q


And here is the long version (150 songs): https://open.spotify.com/user/patrick_jacobi/playlist/1xEhFRCc9DYerb6z3VWpxR?si=lvRYNGZDRcOeUqWR8cp9ig


Please enjoy or ignore as you see fit.

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Really envious of those of you who truly enjoy so much new music. I can’t remember the last brand new album that really grabbed me. Probably Jayhawks. I must have tried out 12-15 records on Spotify that people whose taste I trust raved about and none got me. Old fartism, I guess...


I'm with you for the most part, very little of this new stuff is anything I want to listen to more than once.  I'm assuming that the new The War On Drugs - Deeper Understanding is one you already checked out, and didn't connect with, but if you haven't, I'd suggest it.  Some will not be able to get past the 80s sound of a lot of it, but there is a even more of a Dylan and Neil Young thing going on more strongly on this new record.  To me its what's 80s rock could have been if it hadn't jettisoned almost everything about 60s and 70s rock, but instead had incorporated and blended those elements into the synth washes and static drum beats.


I hate to be that dude but my list of top albums for 2017 only has one album, The War On Drugs.  Plus they frickin' bring it live, too.  So few bands can do that anymore.  Go see them live and then maybe the studio recordings would open up for you.

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That’s 15-20 years ago and not what pitchfork is pitching.


Yeah, I suppose when I speak of the Golden Era of Hip Hop it implies that it is over. I hate to admit it, but I don't even like Kendrick Lamar. I like that someone is making prog hip hop but I don't enjoy listening to it, and I recognize Lamar paints a more layered psychological picture as an MC I still get thrown off by some misogynistic lyrics.

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The Best Record(s) of 2017


hurray for the riff raff – the navigator

The Navigator' is a powerful, Latin influenced record. It feels like a new kind of Americana. One where the past informs the present instead of the present preserving the past.

P'alante !



In alphabetical order; the records I played the most in 2017


aimee mann – mental illness

bash & pop – anything could happen

chicano batman – freedom is free

chuck prophet – bobby fuller died for your sins

dan baird – solow

el goodo – by order of the moose

gold star – big blue

jd mcpherson – undivided heart & soul

jim white – waffles, triangles & jesus

joe henry - thrum

kacy & clayton – the siren’s song

marty stuart - way out west

nicole atkins – goodnight, rhonda lee

phoebe bridgers – stranger in the alps

pugwash – silverlake

son volt – notes of blue

spoon – hot thoughts

the len price 3 – kentish longtails

the sadies – northern passages



In alphabetical order; the records I dug a few tracks


beck – colors

blitzen trapper – wild & reckless

cosmic rough riders – scenery for dreamers

dan auerbach – waiting on a song

father john misty – comedy

fleet foxes – crack up

guided by voices – how do you spell heaven

john moreland – big bad luv

old 97’s – graveyard whistling

valerie june – the order of time



Deserving light of day


dion – lost ’65 sessions  -  kickin’ child

the move – magnetic waves of sound

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I hate to be that dude but my list of top albums for 2017 only has one album, The War On Drugs.  Plus they frickin' bring it live, too.  So few bands can do that anymore.  Go see them live and then maybe the studio recordings would open up for you.


I couldn't agree more about their live performances. I saw them a couple of weeks ago and was very impressed. 

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I will slim this list down before December 31! Or, I will try. 


Ok after much internal debate, and after listening to Ty Segall's 2017 album, here's my definitive, definitely won't change, top-10 for 2017.


Benjamin Booker - Witness
Kevin Morby - City Music
Mac Demarco - This Old Dog

Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile - Lotta Sea Lice
The War On Drugs - A Deeper Understanding

Iron & Wine - Beast Epic
Big Thief - Capacity
Ty Segall - Ty Segall
Kacy & Clayton - The Siren's Song
Hiss Golden Messenger - Hallelujah Anyhow
HM: Margo Price, Jen Cloher, Destroyer, The National, Fleet Foxes, Mavis Staples, Waxahatchee, Ryan Adams.
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top 25:

1 Elder - Reflections Of A Floating World
2 Grails - Chalice Hymnal
3 Power Trip - Nightmare Logic
4 Mountain Movers - Mountain Movers
5 St. Vincent - Masseduction
6 Samsara Blues Experiment - One With The Universe
7 Amenra - Mass IV
8 Various - Brown Acid (4th And 5th Trips)
9 Circle - Terminal
10 Slowdive - Slowdive
11 Falls Of Rauros - Vigilance Perennial
12 Grave Pleasures - Motherblood
13 Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile - Lotta Sea Lice 
14 Heaters - Matterhorn
15 Godflesh - Post Self
16 Jane Weaver - Modern Kosmology
17 Mogwai - Every Country's Sun
18 Myrkur - Mareridt
19 Oh Sees - Orc
20 Sundays & Cybele - Chaos & Systems
21 Boss Hog - Brood X
22 Converge - The Dusk In Us
23 Crystal Fairy - Crystal Fairy
24 Boris - Dear 
25 Wear Your Wounds - S/T

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Not a great year, IMO. But there were a lot of good albums that merited repeat listens. So, here is my list of favorites, in only rough order:


    Kiko Dinucci - Cortes-Curtos

Chicano Batman - Freedom is Free

Meridian Brothers - ¿Donde Estas Maria?

Shugo Tokumaru - TOSS

The Bats - The Deep Set

The Black Watch - The Gospel According to John

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - The French Press

Cate Le Bon - Rock Pool

Zebra Hunt - In Phases

Doug Tuttle - Peace Potato

Barry Adamson - Love Sick Dick EP

Slowdive - Slowdive

Melange - Viento Bravo



Los Camaroes - Resurrection Los Vol. 1



Sneaky Feelings - Progress Junction

Thundercat - Drunk

The National - Sleep Well Beast

James Elkington - Wintres Woma


And a Spotify playlist with songs from every album listed (except the Cate Le Bon and Melange ones, which are not on Spotify):

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10. Anything Could Happen/Bash & Pop
9. Rips/Rips
8. Relatives in Descent/Protomartyr
7. Hatteras Night, A Good Luck Charm/Will Johnson
6. Bobby Fuller Died for Your Sins/Chuck Prophet
5. How Did I Find Myself Here/The Dream Syndicate
4. Rot/Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys
3. Hey Summer/Lost Balloons
2. Need to Feel Your Love/Sheer Mag
1. How Do You Spell Heaven/Guided by Voices

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