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Just wanted to add my kudos on a nice recap/gallery! Some cool shots in there.

thanks bbop! i will admit to using some of your notes from the karaoke night for my review...i couldn't exactly recall what jeff said a couple of times and i mistakenly deleted the notes i took on my phone. hope to meet you in person one of these days.

Great shots - thanks.


Forgot Tortoise was there ---- how was their show?

thanks calvino!


the live score was kinda meh... it took a while to get going due to some power issue, and when it was on all they did was some noodly improv stuff, nothing essential at all.


their regular set was very good, however. they have a pretty unique sound. 

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Great recap and photos!  That picture of Mike Mills (using the same guitar strap Neil Young uses) playing next to a guy who looks just like Neil Young cracks me up.

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