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Just got turned on to The Beths about a month ago.  Great band.


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On 1/2/2021 at 10:13 AM, Chez said:

^^^  OCB, Happy New Year.  I just purchased the book Ryan wrote on Astral Weeks and the "Boston scene."  Have you read it?  Still love  ^^ this album. 

Chez - right back atcha.

Yes, I really liked Ryan's book.  I was born and raised in the Boston area (and am still here) so much of what he wrote really resonated.  I learned a lot about Van Morrison and the weird stuff going on in Boston/Cambridge at the time.  Highly recommend the book.  

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18 hours ago, Chez said:

Hey Chuck, what did you think of this one?  It's gotten good review so far.

It's really good. All Matthew except for the drums. He's got his long time drummer Rick Menck covering that. Matthew has put out a string of really good records that have sort of flown in under the radar. Less distractions back living in Omaha, haha. I know him a little from back in the day. He produced a demo for some friends & have hung out with him some at some record label functions back when there were record label functions. I probably have a good story somewhere that wouldn't be politically correct to share here haha. ;) Really nice guy. I've been a fan since Girlfriend. Still 1 of my all time favorite records. He'd be a great opener for Wilco should touring become a thing again.

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