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YHF Anniversary Shows

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43 minutes ago, Goalinlifewastobeanecho said:

Besides the 7" and the nightly poster, how's the merch looking for these shows? Definitely going to be heading to the Foxtrot pop up to snag some goodies.

A couple pennants/banners, assortment of tshirts, YHF lapel pin, YHF oval bumpersticker, IATTBYH patch, and a keychain i think.



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On 4/19/2022 at 5:03 PM, bcdoc said:

Anyone else get their cereal and beer? 



Do you have to be in Chicago to buy these? Damn. :( Chicago friends, if the spirit moves you, I'd love some beer and cereal & will happily reimburse all costs. But don't 47 of you send.

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1 hour ago, Madcap said:

Very cool.  Although I am assuming these tracks will be on one of the 11 LPs in the reissue set?

I guess that seems 99.9% possible, but you never know. 

Yeah, it seems like that’s an appetizer to hold us over until the deluxe editions are released.

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Hi Folks,


I have an extra poster from YHF Anniversary 4/23/22 #84 that I'm looking to trade for any number 4/22/22 poster if anyone is interested. It is perfect - It was purchased and securely placed in my hotel room before the show started.

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Hello! Kidsmoke asked me to post a piece I wrote about the anniversary. I had to sell my tickets to all three Chicago shows at the last minute due to some health issues, but I had some stuff to say. Thanks! https://robind.substack.com/p/i-am-an-american-aquarium-drinker?s=w

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Not sure if this is 100% accurate, but WXRT will be broadcasting the Sunday night show (April 24th) from Chicago on September 30th. I say not sure because the prior night was a Nugs webcast, but this might be the first time that this show is broadcast in conjunction with YHF’s deluxe reissue release day. Or is it really going to be the show from the 23rd? 🤷🏻‍♂️


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