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  1. Happy Birthday VC! Thanks for the memories Donna
  2. I remembered my password. The simplest version of a password that's gotten very complex, sort of like this tiny corner of the Internet. I suspect the board software works much better these days.
  3. Thanks! I was surprised that I still had an account :/ I'll try it.
  4. So I haven't logged in here for a while. I now have an android tablet that feels surgically attached, and an iPhone. Tapatalk, yes or no, and for either, neither or both?
  5. Summer Teeth at Starbucks on Roscoe in Roscoe Village just now. Sweet Saturday morning.
  6. Wow. I just happened to check in on the RTT last night for the first time in several months. A wistful sadness enveloped me as I remembered all the crazy fun times we had in there -- before it was banished to ummville and after. Jess the pics you've posted lately on FB would have been at home there. End of an era.
  7. I believe at least two of these are XRT concerts for the kids -- bring an unwrapped toy. These shows are not planned (or at least announced) that far in advance.
  8. Finally figured out that the start of Art of Almost sounds like a butt dial.
  9. You know, it would be so much easier if we just ranked them chronologically, like the old days.
  10. Not a big fan of trying this, but here goes. I'm excluding TWL because I haven't heard it enough yet to slot it. Ranking the studio records as they were recorded ST AGIB YHF SBS BT MMA I/II AM W(TA) Now for laughs, I'll rank then by how much I like the songs as played live by the current line-up AGIB YHF (interchangable with AGIB) ST SBS BT MMA I/II AM -- love Too Far Apart live, but that's kinda it WTA -- One Wing is the only song I hope makes it into the regular rotation on their upcoming tours
  11. Because everyone has their own opinion?
  12. I like it. A lot. A couple of the songs I didn't quite get on the first listen hit me pretty good the second time through. Rising Red Lung is still kind of a question but I am sure it will get there. Art of Almost.... holy crap cannot wait to hear it live. I can't wait to hear a higher bitrate and on better quality speakers.
  13. Nice to see all the hockey love on here. I think it's easily the most exciting sport today. When it is played at its highest level, and you have a team in the hunt, it's almost excruciating to watch it's so exciting. I've watched maybe 20 playoff games this year without the 'hawks, and they are crazy delicious. And my team? Any team but VAN.
  14. I was lucky. I quit only one time. My last cigarette (Kool Mild) was somewhere around 4 am January 1, 1986 at what is now the abandoned Purple Hotel on Touhy. No one believed I could do it; I was 26. I chewed/played with a toothpick for the first couple weeks when I was working (at a bar). I found that if I could get through the situation just once, when/where I normally smoked, I craved it less the next time I encountered that situation. Things like driving, talking on the phone, working, after class or a movie, after sex. Eventually I stopped thinking about it -- took maybe 6 months. I am
  15. I can't remember if I've told this story before, but here it is. My husband "met" her in Hollywood in the '70s. He was on his way to a bar in the late afternoon, and there just happened to be filming on the same street. Liz was being filmed getting out of a car and then talking to someone on the sidewalk. My husband needed to cross the street to get to the bar, so he asked one of the assistant directors or someone to let him know when it was OK to cross. When he got the thumbs up, he began to cross, but just then, Liz turned around and headed right for him. Even though the scene was over, s
  16. Yeah, the misleading "union protests" label on the b-roll makes it look like it's WI now, but it isn't. I don't think there is a bottom to the depths to which they will sink.
  17. I was 25, still in college. After class that day, I got in my car at noon CST then turned on the radio and heard the news, and broke into tears. As I recall, the Bears had just won the Super Bowl the week earlier and the city was still on a high over that. This brought us all back to reality in a hurry. I cried like crazy during Reagan's speech that night. He was very good at that.
  18. So happy Donna! Didn't see the thread earlier; glad you have had a good turn of events. Hugs from Chicago!
  19. IIRC, Wilco is Rahm's favorite band. So while I probably won't wreck my marriage over this, I'm sure it will be reasonably well attended. Edit: Yep Oh Edit again: I also think there is a reasonable chance that the Tweedys and Emmanuals know each other from the temple on the north side. Just guessing on this.
  20. I am digging "Just Kids" (already finished), and my book on how to take a picture of absolutely anything that Jake got for me I agree Donna; the post xmas time is really the best part of it.
  21. You will feel differently when you see Jeff perform that song with the band. Note I said "see" because it is so visual. And no video can do it justice. My favorite is PKB when it isn't Candyfloss or Magazine.
  22. What fun!! Some possibilities, and I have loads more. I If any of these pass muster I can provide the right sizes. L-R: Jake, Max's GF Ellie and Max on the beach in San Francisco. I love this so much I'm toying with sending out as an xmas card. Montana sunset Montana moonset Winter view out the window at our house Flower blooming in our garden And since when did flickr make it so hard to share these, even with a pro account
  23. It would be awesome. They could serve the Wilco coffee instead of Starbucks like they did last time
  24. I liked this movie better than any of the others, with the possible exception of Prisoner. I think the early movies are really children's fantasy, whereas the later ones are definitely for adults. Next up -- I will read them all by the time that HP7II comes out this summer.
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