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  1. I actually saw them open for Wilco a few years back in Rhode Island. It was pretty sweet!
  2. Just caught the show in Austin last night. We were on the side of the stage right next to Linda. She F-in ROCKS! The show was a lot of fun (I think my ears are still ringing). Pretty cool to be 10 feet from Peter Buck.
  3. 20. I'm Always In Love 19. Wishful Thinking 18. Pieholden Suite 17. Radio Cure 16. Nothing'severgonnastandinmyway(Again) 15. Laminated Cat/Not For The Season 14. Company In My Back 13. Shot In The Arm 12. Via Chicago 11. IATTBYH 10. We've Been Had 9. Sunken Treasure 8. Ashes Of American Flags 7. Venus Stopped The Train 6. Gun 5. Poor Places 4. You Are My Face 3. Hell Is Chrome 2. Misunderstood 1. Jesus Etc. (Sooooooooo played out live, but when I look back this is the song that hooked me on Wilco and I distinctly remember how awesome and different the words and arrangement were to anything els
  4. 1. Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA Jun '05 2. Calvin Theatre, Northampton, MA Nov '05 (Jeff Solo) 3. Meehan Auditorium, Providence, RI Apr '06 4. Pine's Theatre, Florence, MA Jun '07 5. Shubert Theatre, New Haven, CT Feb '08 (My fave) 6. Outside Lands Fest, San Fran, CA Aug '08 7. NO Jazz Fest, NO, LA Apr '09 8. Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA Jun. '09 Great Memories from all of these shows from the "Brown" horns in Providence to the shirtless, cowbell playin' guitar techie at Jazz Fest this year. I can safely say I've never left a show disappointed and am always reassured rock'n roll is still alive
  5. --------------------- Poor Places> Reservations> Spiders (Kidsmoke) --------------------- Sick!
  6. Go to the website and then click on the 'Shows' link. Click on your show and there will be a pop-up for requests. And every show I've been to cameras have been okay, and I know they are okay with the band, but I think ultimately it's up to the venue.
  7. In John's interview today with David Fricke he said it's self titled "Wilco". I guess there comes a time for every band when they release a self titled record. And the show was great today (last few songs really made it awesome)! They all seemed super loose and having a lot of fun. Jeff was smiling like the whole show. Real nice day overall in New Orleans.
  8. First, one quip which hasn't been mentioned is the Walken/ITMWLY set closer, either first set or first encore. I think it's got to be about 2 years straight where they play those songs successively (I'm looking at Residency set lists as well and it's the same). Sure, they are fun rockers but when I hear those first notes of Walken I can always know that the set is about to end, anyone else a bit annoyed? Second, I noticed after making a request the other day that some of the most requested songs are IG, Jesus, Hummingbird and other songs that are just about locks to make the set regardless.
  9. haven't seen the dvd yet but did catch a screening tonight here in NOLA and was generally happy to see my favorite band doing what they love best... play kick ass beautiful music. I do have some nit picky quips with the film as a whole but overall am glad that us fans get a document of a great band at their live peak (arguably). My biggest knock on the film is how they would jump around from the banter after one song to a completely different point in the set with different clothes and instruments. Anyone with any kind of eye can catch that stuff and to me it's just annoying. I also think t
  10. I've been perusing over all of the recent set lists and this one has to take the cake. It reminds a lot of the kind of set lists we were seeing last year after the Residency shows.
  11. Show was spot on for the short amount of time and I totally agree with the above statement with the ducks (seagulls?) flying overhead, and I think Jeff noticed it too, i caught him look up near the end of the song in appreciation of the surrounding area (cypress trees, sunset, birds, 10,000 people) and it was one of those 'everything is alright with the world' moments. The Glen Rockstar was the best I've seen yet as well, and I've gotta say as much as I am tired of hearing the Walken-ITMWLY combo (especially to close the set), those songs just never really get old and Wilco always finds a
  12. I remember a few years back they played the Midnight Special music on kazoos or something like that, it was pretty sweet
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