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  1. spiders are really our friends...so are bats. both eat alot of the bad bugs that take down food crops. As you all know use of pesticides is a major problem for the water and for humans. Some links for y'all to check out: http://www.ipm.ucdavis.edu/ http://www.ourwaterourworld.org/Portals/0/documents/pdf/Spiders%2009.pdf http://www.ourwaterourworld.org/ as for the brown recluse they always lurking about at my work. Quite beautiful and not aggressive however I always wear gloves when moving the stuff around that they might be hiding in....fabulous picture of "the hand" now I'll be extra
  2. I was so grateful to have dancing fans around me...you know its a rock show and if you want to sit during the quiet stuff that's okay or go take a walkabout. We were in the 7th row by Nels and there was a fellow 2 rows in front with a laminate who turned out to be Jerry Garcia's drummer insisting everyone sit down. It was about to turn into a ruckus when Ricky leaned over and said "you never made us sit down at a Jerry show." Laughs all the way around and the rest of the night no problem . Let's face it Silicon Valley and wine geeks make for an interesting mix. Beautiful space thanks for th
  3. Wow what an evening! At a certain point, I looked back at the crowd from the second steps above the pit (thanks to "the gardners" the ultimate seat finders ), and that Olde Greek Theatre was moving just like at a Dead Show in the 80's . So no doubt Spencer "got it"! I brought some folks who had never seen Wilco and they were amazed. One of them commented on the diversity of the fans which was so beautiful to see. Parents with their kids, SF/Oaklandia hipsters and Berkeley hippies loved that. The band definitely turned it up a notch last night. Thanks for posting the set list bbop it was so
  4. This is a must see...all are in my top ten to see live. I hope this show comes West.
  5. When are you starting that cottage industry of tiny Hand Puppets Lammy? I'd like to order a Hummingbird because I could use it at work too! or perhaps a .
  6. Okay my mind is blown...I was really expecting George from the Minutmen
  7. All great choices...I also like Gram Parsons and the Fallen Angels Live 1973. I'm a fan of Emmylou Harris so hearing her here with Gram is a treat.
  8. Oh MB, I loved the beam...One time at Alpine I swear the beam sent down the rain that night . I thought the Gorge show was a nice ending...We had a listening party/dinner party in Marin. Perfect evening reunion of our GD tribe/nice show/food under the redwoods . I've decided that we need to make let Warren sing signs.I agree that Jeff would do justice to a lot of Jerry songs but will Bobby every want to stop singing those? Anyone going to Roxbury?
  9. Okay, I love the jumping just like John...and that grin when they go back into NGC...brilliant! Who was taping?
  10. Nice...can't wait to hear a full on Wilco cover from the 400 unit.Love love love those guys!
  11. Wow thank you guys for the links...looks like a great place and a terrific show. The guys are on a roll. Can hardly wait til June. In the mean time keep those reviews coming!
  12. Why does torture surprise us? America has done some pretty incredible acts in search of freedom. Let's start with taking the land in 1492 and the genocide that followed.Last night I heard that one prisoner was waterboarded six times in one day for one month(that fact was from the redcross memo, I believe). All I could think about is what the person or group of people who are capable of doing or okaying or supervising any of that must feel like on a daily basis today. Everyone involved should be held accountable...maybe not jail but community service to rediscover their humanity. While were on
  13. thanks for the clip Lammy....all I can say is I wish I was with all the VC deadheads when The Music Never Stopped kicked in. I'm glad they are together in the proper spirit. Trying to honor a group of songs that represent a great page in the Americana Songbook. RJ go for it especially if you can be close...I've had a real good time the last two years seeing these guys get ready for this at various venues in SF. Of course its not Jerry, however pretty darn fun and swirly
  14. Moss, I am so glad you saw Jason and the 400 unit. I saw him 10 days ago in SF, it was amazing. I hope all our Midwest VCers get out to see these guys...truly amazing songwriter and JTE was awesome as well. I didn't keep a set list and no one at nine bullets seems to have all the songs(Humboldt County was represented ) But it was something like this according to irishcrazy at 9B. Seven-Mile Island Chicago Promenade Never Gonna Change Blue Goddamn Lonely Love Soldiers Get Strange > Dress Blues The Assassin Cigarettes and Wine Psycho Killer (Talking Heads Cover) Danko/Manuel Try Outfit Th
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