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  1. Thank you! The two I'm looking for are for Dannyv, who you may already be in contact with. Thanks again!
  2. Hoping somebody has two (together) they can spare for a Wilco convert friend of mine. Thanks!
  3. I can't help but get a huge kick out of this.
  4. PM on the way! Dear God, I am lame.
  5. :cheekkiss (I had to one [two?] up t.t.l.) What I wouldn't have given to have been able to wish you a happy birthday in person! This world is a much better place for having you in it.
  6. I love these people. I came home from work one day to my wife telling me I needed to return an urgent message from someone on Via Chicago. I hadn't been around VC much and wondered what was up. It turns out Jen and Ben had left a message so I wouldn't learn of Nat's death at 4am on some random day and have nobody or nowhere to turn. While there is no way to make that kind of news anything but tragic, learning about it when I had support of family and friends made it more bearable. I can never thank them enough for their kindness. These are the people that make this place, for me, more t
  7. Thanks you wonderful people! Here's a Ripley's for ya: I got drunk and I fell down.
  8. Set during the War of the Roses. I'm a sucker for historical fiction. It's crap but it's well written crap.
  9. Belated Happy Birthday! I miss my friend and hero.
  10. Still waiting for it (Bored...) to show up on Tunecore and getting pretty damned impatient. Can't wait to hear it.
  11. I just went through some of your old posts in the archive. God, it still breaks my heart that you're gone. I miss you, Nat.
  12. Happy Birthday, Sam! I'm going to listen to some Azita in your honor.
  13. Good call. The scene where she practically jumps out of bed gives me the willies.
  14. I read this a while back and while my memory isn't perfect, I'm never short of opinions.
  15. Happy Birfday, Paul! This means I owe you more beer. We'll work that out soon, I hope.
  16. Thanks, I try. In other frights...
  17. Sorry to blather on but this is one of the scariest things I've ever seen. I'm not even brave enough to take a walk.
  18. Back when my taste was running darker, I thought this anthology had some great scary (and gory) stories. Warning: Not for the squeamish.
  19. No kidding. Big Jim McBob and Billy Sol Hurok. My heroes.
  20. In my head, you, me, and The Mob are tearing it up at your birthday party. I hope I see you soon, Kevin.
  21. I'm sitting here at the computer with tears in my eyes. I know that love is a word people throw around but I'll say it anyway. I really love you folks.
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