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  1. Deluxe Gold Room Package for 2 adults, 4 nights Check in 1/17 Monday, check out Friday 1/21 (can modify arrival date, if you need to arrive a day late) Includes round-trip transportation to & from hotel-resort I paid $3850. All yours for $1500.
  2. You're a nice guy Tinnitus.
  3. Stay well, Donna. Omicron is everywhere. Everywhere!
  4. @BigDitchStan I posted this over at the crazy SBS Facebook page too, but I am posting it here re: your cancelation/insurance plans: If you're trying to decide if you should activate travel insurance (partial refund) versus wait to see if we will have option for refund/credit: It seems prudent to wait for this week's Quintana Roo COVID safety level "traffic light" which should be out today. It's highly likely that the region will go from "yellow" to "orange," which means that businesses can run at lowered max capacities. Looks like 50% for orange? If QR goes to orange, I hope
  5. @sonnyfeeling thanks for this explanation, this makes sense to me. At this point, I see only 2 situations where SBS is canceled or postponed (my ideal scenario): Situation #1 would be too many positive COVID tests on arrival of musicians/crew/Cloud 9 staff, , like what happened with Dead & Co. Situation #2 is that Quintana Roo is declared to be either orange or red status on Jan 17th by their local government, which requires businesses/hotels to decrease their maximum capacities of guests, etc...we will see.
  6. You want to hear a crazy stat? Based on the current US 7-day average: Every second, 7 people in the US are testing positive for COVID! WTF!
  7. Ugh, I am sorry you feel so lousy. I am fully vaccinated and boosted too. Interestingly, the worst symptom I've had this week is terrible low back pain. The back pain has been described by many people with Omicron variant in South Africa. So strange. I hope you turn the corner soon @Boss_Tweedy , without any longstanding effects. And I agree there is no freaking way I'd do it again -- now I have to monitor my teenage daughter like a hawk She's fully vaccinated, but she has a history of an auto-immune disease. I don't want this virus to challenger her immune system!
  8. My husband and I are not going to SBS, even if the show goes on despite this huge surge and the current PITS dumpster fire. I now have COVID, after a ski trip to Utah last week. Argh. I am certain I was infected during one of two 30 minute indoor lunches, when it was below-0 temperatures and my kids needed to warm up their fingers/toes. While I ate my lunch, I literally looked around the packed ski lodge thinking, "OMG, I am getting COVID right now...." I did! Even though I have a positive test and would be able to go to SBS without any testing at all, I cannot be a p
  9. Oh shit, JFF. I hate insurance companies so much -- they are the evil behind so much badness in the world (I am both a bitter doctor, and a bitter mother when I think of my personal experiences with insurance companies). You never get what you pay for, coverage wise. JFF, I am so sorry to hear about your sick dog. It's so frustrating that you have to deal with insurance BS, on top of all the stress you already have. Savor this time with her. Hope to meet you at the next SBS (on second thought, I am unsure I will ever be able to support a Cloud 9 event after this one)...maybe it w
  10. @jffI am so skeptical of local travel insurance (from past experience..loophole after loophole), that I didn't bother looking. It's such a huge bummer that Sky Blue Sky is the first Cloud 9 event of the run. It would have been ideal to sit back and see what happens with Panic En La Playa (Jan 22-26), Avett Bros (Jan 22-31), Brandi Carlile (early Feb) before heading down to Mexico. I feel like we are the festival guinea pigs! If ~100s of people test positive on departure (and fill up the resort's isolation capacity), it will certainly affect what happens for the next event(s). Becau
  11. We were unable to purchase the insurance (there was a handful of states that were excluded from the Cloud 9 insurance, including mine). So, I haven't officially canceled yet...literally creating a list of pros-cons over here. Wondering if postponement will happen (hoping, actually). I agree that the likelihood of having a positive antigen test upon departure will be extremely high. The Omicron variant is as contagious as measles. The logistical issues re: being stuck in a Mexico hotel room for 10 additional days are a little overwhelming to consider: Child care at home, missing work for an add
  12. Hey there people! I can't believe VC has been around for 20 years. I joined this message board specifically to find a recording of the 7/31/2002 Wilco show at The Orpheum Madison. So I probably joined in August '02? Then ended up meeting so many of you in person over the years. And it took a global pandemic for that show @Orpheum surface (it showed up on nugs.net a couple months ago woot woot)! I've made so many wonderful long-lasting friendships on this old message board. So many funny memories. So many good people. Love you all. xxoo
  13. The combo of show #1 + shows #2 brought me so much joy during this crazy terrible pandemic. Thanks Wilco. I had forgotten how much I need you.
  14. Time warp. @TCP do you still have these 2 available? Show is now on 10/6/21.
  15. I didn't even realize that the venue had changed for the show! I wonder if it's because the original nights did not sell out...3/24 was Portland Spring Break week, which I am certain was the reason the shows did not sell out.
  16. The Portland, OR show (night #1) is rescheduled to November 9, 2020. New tickets were emailed to me last week. I assume that show #2 will be on November 10th (I did not purchase tix for show #2 -- was supposed to be out of town).
  17. Stunning photos and a great write up. A lot of your impressions were similar to mine, except I really enjoyed the Dr. Dog set! It had been about 10 years since I'd seen them and they still put on a super show. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.
  18. Argh, the server crashed in Portland. Did anyone have luck in the Pacific NW presale?
  19. Yes being a GA show kinda guarantees that the first couple rows will be packed with people who are there for the right reason. And as you described, very chill & very friendly, as always. But smartphone video at any concert still always makes me want to punch the person. And I'm not a violent person I have no further questions Doctor Detriot! Thanks! Dr Mom
  20. I *have* to ask: Were smartphones allowed or strictly prohibited?
  21. Wowzers I hope the sick guy is OK. Anyone have an update on his condition? Kind of one of my biggest nightmares. And yeah, glad you got to pee Sammer..
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