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  1. I'm, uh, Spawn's dad. And a meditation teacher.
  2. Crazy, ain't it? And now he's back off to school. His release is out today iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1273328229?ls=1&app=itunes Apple Music: http://itunes.apple.com/album/id1273328229 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/2AgumlnaL6QewGSC8uOD75 Amazon Music: https://www.amazon.com/Made-Man-EP-Noah-Steinberg/dp/B074XDKP5J/ref=sr_1_1?s=dmusic&ie=UTF8&qid=1503661540&sr=1-1-mp3-albums-bar-strip-0&keywords=noah+steinberg+made+man+ep
  3. Been a long time...is this what used to be the random thought thread? Someone here might remember my son spawn. He was an occasional poster, usually on Christmas talking about waiting for Santa. He's a sound recording student and vocal student at Syracuse now, and is releasing an EP next week (with a cover of Pick Up the Change). I always said I'd come back here to visit if he ever became a musician. https://www.facebook.com/noahsteinbergmusic/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel
  4. That's part of the wonders of disinformation. Livestrong doesn't raise any money for cancer research. Their primary mission is cancer awareness. Meaning, primarily, the message that Lance Armstrong survived cancer (testicular) and won 7 editions of the tour de france. I don't know about you, but I already knew cancer existed before Lance got it. The money they raise also pales in comparison to that raised by, for example, the american cancer society or spent by the US government on actual research. The truth is, Livestrong has come under great scrutiny for how they raise money and for what it'
  5. Didn't see anything on this. There's a Whole Love hipstamtaic contest. Spawn's entry is here http://community.hipstamatic.com/submissions/167204 help a kid out if you can. full contest here. http://community.hipstamatic.com/contests/62
  6. http://www.godtube.com/watch/?v=9E0C0CNU
  7. Shrug. We watched Gasland last night. I'm over the financial crisis. When people can set their drinking water ablaze as it pours from the tap there are far greater social ills than the raping and pillaging of retirement accounts. Clearly the only solution left is to tear all of society to the ground and hope something better emerges from its ashes.
  8. Since recovery is a one day at a time thing, there's just a finality to the word 'successful' that struck me as discordant. That's all.
  9. What an odd expression. I live right near this so I'll be going for sure.
  10. I'm not sure I understand what will bring about the change that's sought. From movies to music we're a culture that thrives on violence. Folks have been railing against video games and rap music forever. Does violent language cause horrendous acts like this? If one could envision themselves pointing a finger at a politician why not a video game? The truth is we've polluted this ground water for a very very long time. Does political rhetoric drive that or does it arise from it? I don't pretend to know what the solution is but the problem is certainly more complex than so and so group of peopl
  11. Frankly, he looks like any other frat boy waiting to meet Tweedy after a Wilco show.
  12. http://www.superscholar.org/features/influential-atheists/ Go back a few hundred years, and atheism was very much a minority position. Those who were atheists would have been ostracized by society and possibly even killed (as in burned at the stake, depending on how far back you go). Fast forward to the present, and atheism is far less objectionable, and in some circles even the dominant view. In the new millennium, prominent atheists abound. One website, www.celebatheists.com, is even dedicated to listing celebrity atheists. Celebrity atheists are wide-ranging and include people like M
  13. 1. Two Cow Garage- Sweet Saint Me 2. Truckstop Darlin' - Self Titled 3. Chase 56 - Allatoona Rising 4. Gaslight Anthem - American Slang 5. American Aquarium - Small Town Hymns 6. John Moreland & The Black Gold Band - Things I Can't Control 7. Joey Kneiser - The All Night Bedroom Revival 8. Glossary - Feral FIre 9. Mat D. - Plank Road Drag 10. Doc Dailey & Magnolia Devil - Victims, Enemies, and Old Friends
  14. kinda yeah but really, when that theater was designed was tarrytown populated by gnomes?
  15. I was kinda happy it ended early. The seats sucked and I got to bed at as somewhat reasonable time.
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