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  1. that was too easy and we all already thought that. way to make that lay up though.
  2. whole show would be amazing... i want to track down Vans and the Arcade Fires too, both incredible.
  3. its my fav. wilco song so id actally be interested to know this as well..
  4. AM: It's Just That Simple (Yea, I said it) Being There 1: an intense misunderstood Being There 2:(is that kosher?): Someday soon around a campfire Mermaid 1: Hoodoo Voodoo (in that old school freestyle style) Mermaid 2: A dark Blood of the Lamb Summerteeth: When You Wake Up Feeling Old because Ive never slow danced at a wilco show YHF: A passionate heavy metal drummer AGIB: a rockin theologians SBS: You Are My Face with Nels diving off the top of an amp when he comes in with his solo n the first minute. thats just what Im hoping for anyway... oh and covers strange bizarre love will keep us
  5. Hey everyone, looking to complete the complete wilco, need single for Wednesday and Saturday... PM me if anyones got any extras
  6. again, i think i may have gotten lost in this expansive thread, can we still get 5 day passes tomorrow?
  7. Shoot me a line if anyones got an extra 5-day, just need 1 set of tickets. Thanks a lot.
  8. Does anyone know if if there will still be 5 day passes tomorrow?
  9. wow - same, didnt get mine.
  10. I am overwhelmed. Plan to be there all 5.
  11. you know greatest hits are the way to squeeze out every dime from fading bands?? just saying is all... id like a double album too, but id prefer the dvd of kicking television, probably wont happen this year. i wouldnt be surprised to see some new STUDIO tracks, leftover sbs in EP form, knowing the perfectionist jeff tweedy is though (and thank god he is) i doubt we'll see in LP in even the nostradmus predicting time frame. i just hope i get lucky and end up at a small show somewhere along the line in chicago, maybe another run of shows at the vic??
  12. Im doing a paper on the evolution of independent music in the information age... looking for some general viachicago history information, when it was founded? how many memebrs, so forth... anyone got any info?
  13. theres no way a recording is surfacing of this im assuming...
  14. GLEN LOOKS LIKE CONOR OBERST. Sorry, it had to be said.
  15. Just got back, it was amazing. Pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/21219540@N08/ Also, Barack WAS incredible - I fear anyone but him being elected.
  16. i happen to be wearing that now, what it has to do with this thread though...
  17. ah thanks a lot, ill definitely be there
  18. Just got an email with the info... bought 2 floor seats, cant wait for this show... Pricing: x$500.00 Box Seats x $250.00 Front Row Floor Seats x $150.00 Box Loge Seats x $75.00 Standing Floor Seats x $50.00 Middle Balcony Seats x $35.00 Upper Balcony Seats Buy tickets: https://donate.barackobama.com/page/contrib...0071201_CHIfr_1
  19. hey if anyones got an invite i sure would appreciate a PM, thanks
  20. I heard he was just gonna pull a buddy guy and play in chicago for a straight month or so... i heard it from myself and i made it up, waiting to see how that one works out
  21. jdmel

    NPR Survey

    i thought you'd all appreciate my friends response to telling him to vote in this... Fuck that, I'm not voting for anything to do with national big-time broadcast. Radio, as a media, is not democratic, so it doesn't matter what I vote or say; the results will turn out how they are meant to/programmed to, even though they include bands that you and i would consider not "mainstream." Really, we are a niche of music: the style we like is coordinated to fit out "interests," which in itself is chosen for us. I'm not voting for something that has already been decided for me, that's a waste of time
  22. how fierce is competition? -honest question for this forum
  23. when are tickets actually available for this?
  24. your birthday? or planned trip? or inside info? or inside joke?? I dont care rumors like that are enough to keep me camped out at the metro. (I've actually been tossing around the question lately: How much would you pay to see the final show at your favorite venue with your favorite band, in my case it would be a hypothetical final vic show with wilco headlining... its a good one to toss around and probably belongs in another forum/thread...) but back to THIS thread - is it wrong to start hoping for the 2008 thanksgiving shows, if were allowed to look forward to march anyway edit: a qu
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