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    Live DVD

    i remember jeff saying something at the abbey show a couple years back about releasing the kicking tv footage at wilco retrospective time years down the line after a couple guys called him on it midset... i will say as someone who paid more than theyd like to admit and waited for hours longer than theyd like to admit to get into those shows and the front row one night, I am dissapointed after being sold on being part of a TAPING FOR A LIVE DVD! - that being said it is the absolute only issue i've ever remotely encountered with this band, and i barely care.
  2. but we had a end of summer/fall show at the park also if they played the metro i would flip my shit
  3. Its safe to say this was already assumed but still not good news.
  4. hey i was sitting just to the left of you, funny... where can I download the first show?
  5. Ive never liked them and refuse to becuase of this little shit they do like the random messages online, railing against the music industry by giving their album away, its all controlled chaos, i think if you took out all the radiohead is so different label people wouldnt really be so into them based on the music alone, its really nothing remarkable - its not being edgy, its trying nearly openly to be edgy... and thats not edgy yet, like 20 years... and in the end radiohead is a band thats only ahead of itself in terms of its faux edginess - but thats the last reason id ever buy a record
  6. the conveniance of wilco on archive would be incredible
  7. 1 Wilco 2 Spoon 3 White Stripes 4 Kings of Leon 5 Ben Kweller 6 Andrew Bird 7 Feist 8 Bright Eyes 9 Weezer 10 Brian Wilson 11 Bob Dylan 12 Zeppelin 13 Pink Floyd 14 Decemberists 15 Arcade Fire 16 Wolfmother 17 Jayhawks 18 Rhett Miller 19 Wallflowers 20 Im From Barcelona It gets light at the end and could be interchangable throughout the middle, the top 5 are pretty solid though
  8. i feel like this is an almost famous rock is dead in 1973 type argument... this was an incredible year for indie music, time will be the proof
  9. I believe he meant Bueller as in Bueller... Bueller.... Bueller. Nothing kills your street cred faster in Chicago than that misspelling.
  10. Ah thats why I couldnt find it, I was searching Jayhawks and Mark Olson... Thanks
  11. My dad called me from the road yesterday, he was listening to XM's station the Loft. Apparently the DJ said something about Jeff or the band playing with either Mark Olson or some other incarnation of the Jayhawks. Although the details were sketchy about the actual collaboration and where this took place, he says 100% the DJ referring to something that happened in the last week or so and that they played California Stars (which seems plausible) Does anyone know what he's talking about??? I'd love to track down a recording of that song.
  12. Not the Matt Foley thread I was expecting.. ... is this thing on?
  13. i differentiated between dire straits and knopfler... I know its a strange one to be picky about. Sorry for skimming that line also yes, O Valencia by the decemberists, always makes me picture romeo and juliet
  14. Dire Straits - Romeo and Juliet. Shocked this wasnt suggestion 1
  15. whats even worse is that its been going down... they should have set a goal they could have reached around say noon. (2,000)
  16. hypem.com, for those of you who dont know is a great music tool... It searches the blogs for tracks. Anyways they redesigned it and its not premiering until 10,000 people have their web browsers opened to it at once. This is f*&king stupid. Who else agrees?
  17. i have them, dont remember where from but it means theyre out therethanks for recording by the way
  18. i was talking music with someone the other day and mentioned wilco and they assumed i was a dave fan... i dont think ive ever been more offended, I blurted out i dont respect you or your oppinion on anything...
  19. i cant decide, i am in milwaukee - actually hosting a radio show today 2-4, playing lots of wilco: http://marquetteradio.mu.edu/ you people should listen. but since theres apparently going to be a less touring 08 maybe i should go
  20. Last year I wore a skin tight black spiderman outfit...unfortunately pretty revealing im thinking of ideas for this year... i was leaning towards a white stripes couples one but i want to do better. Anyone have any great ideas or costumes theyve seen and liked?
  21. that was one of the (many) issues with that olympics logo that got disqualified, it had the sears tower, by the time the olympics roll around the sears tower might not be in the top 3 tallest buildings here. Last i heard we werent looking too good on the olympics, i want to cite looptopia failures and cta issues.. although i heard rumblings admist all the cta problems a plan to make it free by raising property taxes as a way of luring the olympics.
  22. i saw a shirt that said "all my friends love daft punk" thats my feeling on the band exactly. saw them at lolla though, coolest craziest show you will ever see, I saw the flaming lips a couple of weeks and walked out saying not even 1/10th of what daft punks show was
  23. jdmel

    Special Request

    haha i love that song and second this request, that being said every good song i hear throughout the day i think man if only this was wilco..
  24. clearly the people talking about it, as someone missing out on what would have been an amazing show -possibly because of this. As someone interested in music who follows bands, who follows THIS band.. I care, I question pitchfork only because they simply said it wasnt her but didnt explain how they really got to that conclusion or offer and explanation. but i guess who the fuck cares answers my question... they should have a forum dedicated to people who just say who the fuck cares back and forth
  25. who is pitchfork to say it isnt meg?? when it comes to sex tapes your guilty until proven innocent.
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