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  1. I was going to ask the same thing, it seems likely considering he's joined her so regularly and is (most likely) in Chicago as everyone in Wilco is off doing their own thing before they start recording again. I really hope he doesnt just play with her Sunday as I'm covering Saturdays show.
  2. I've been listening to: Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens, retro funk from Sharon Jones label... - what have you done my brother? She & HIm volume 2: M. Ward & Zooey deschanel - thieves El Michels Affair - Enter the 37th Dragon, soul funk version of wu tang - c.r.e.a.m. White Stripes - Under Great White Northern Lights Broken Bells - The Broken Bells, Danger Mouse and James Mercer - the ghost inside Gorillaz - Plastic Beac, title track ...with great warming chicago spring enjoyment
  3. Oh, touche. Amazing thread. There's so many... Sonny feeling I think would be great for Paul - it just had that macca nostalgic tone to it, Im sometimes reminded of that that airplane zoooom that kicks off back in the ussr when I hear that song. "My Darling" has always sounded like a beatles song to me, maybe its just because of Oh Darling but that would be another one... Ashes of American Flags>Heavy Metal Drummer just because that transition is so Abbey Road Poor Places Handshake Drugs - I think this would be a good late soloish lennon one, like yer blues I'm Always In Love, w
  4. Great ones --- why dont we do it in the road would be great
  5. Seriously? Just give me your ticket you dont even deserve to go...
  6. Hey everyone... Poor Chicago, missing Wilco on this tour... I want to drive up and visit friends this weekend, if anyone can show me any lovin' this day after Valentine's day, I would greatly appreciate it... Josh
  7. I think its obvious its Beatles' sequencing inspired. Look at YHF, I think thats really the most beatlesque album in terms of being a concept album (if only in general theme and between little nooks and crannies that tie it together, and also make it so endless) I love the gear shift of bull black nova into you and I, it's almost got the feeling of flipping vinyl sides listening to it on an ipod.
  8. Although Wilco hasn't really been playing as many covers lately... Listening to the remastered Beatles albums, I'd love to hear them take on Dear Prudence. I think it would be incredible Jeff's cracking vocals and Nels flying in on guitar. Any other Beatles songs or classic rock songs you would like to see Wilco cover??
  9. I thought of this thread when Shakin' Sugar came up on my shuffle... it's because its not part of the album. I agree too, theres places it could have fit, it definitely wouldnt have been the worst song on (the album), but its just not part of it, it becomes a different statement then. I love the YHF demos, but its not YHF, and I think its part of the reason the albums stand up so well over time, and the b-sides are still killer. How many awesome Beatles B-sides are there? Same thing, they were making albums - which is why we love Wilco right?
  10. Was that the Chapel Hill show? I remember being glued to a copy of that... Walken's progression has been a fun one to watch.
  11. That'd be great... love da' total pro's. It really is a rocker, I hope they go as far as still making that dirty soul record.
  12. Before it was in a VW commercial, Jeff wrote this song for Soloman Burke. I know this because I was leaning on the stage the first time he played it live at the Abbey Pub a few years ago, before seeing the whole band perform it live at the Conan O'Brien show at the Chicago Theatre. After playing it at the Abbey Jeff went on this awesome diatribe about how SBS was gonna be a groovy soul record which led into some "intellectual overconceptualized bullshit" about the nature of rock and roll. I love listening to botho I mixed together the two tracks, the studio version and the one from the Abbe
  13. pictures: http://www.flickr.com/photos/joshuamellin/sets/72157622519975003/
  14. What was up with the argument between Jeff and Glenn before I'm The Man Who Loves You? before Glenn jumped up on his kit? Monday Jeff mentioned something about the gong being kind of racist before walken, before playing into ITMWLY and I'm assuming they've had it all this tour?? It just seemed like a strange moment, I felt like I was watching jeff and jay argue in im trying to break your heart. It seemed like they shared a laugh after but anyone know what it was about?
  15. AH! Where is it gonna be!?! I actually doubt Aragon, I just don't see Wilco playing there...and usually little birds are bad sources of information. Maybe a residency spread across smaller venues? (Schubas, double door, hideout, etc.?) or a mad rush to one to get tickets? Another residency at the homefield - the vic?? Chicago theatre is a possibility, auditorium seems unlikely again... I would assume they would be looking to do something out doors early September? They have to top the 2007 show at the park... Holdin out for a sept 5 show..
  16. I always hear Eminem's suburban gangsta flow in sonny feeling, if its him and her's, anyone wanna take a stab at lines meaning? and the end i thought was summer feeling... not some other feeling?
  17. Yea, exactly... It's kinda bouncy, maybe its more of the inverse Walken, but the vibe and tweedy's voice in both.
  18. Someone posted these here a few years ago... https://www.yousendit.com/download/MnFqZXQ3TERKV04zZUE9PQ At the time I think whoever made this was working on more... any update or more floating around? I think theyre awesome..
  19. Its more like Walken meets lost timeloops. Including similar misspelled titles.
  20. http://pitchfork.com/news/35205-awesome-th...lco-the-albumi/ Mod Edit: [i hope this poster doesn't mind starting the next (final?) geek-out thread while we count down the days to the new album being released.] From Wilcoworld today: !!!
  21. mucca pazza accompanied him from the audence tonight at the hideout for a music video shoot (the premise apparently also involved him shooting a flaming arrow off the roof of the venue)... anyway amazing show, ill definitely carry this album with me for a long time after tonights experience.
  22. Im digging it so far, going to see him at Hideout tonight, hopefully that will endear me to it.
  23. If i wasnt a red sox fan id say joe dimaggios done it again... so ill go with at least thats what you said
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