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  1. YEAH!!!! We've solved a problem that didn't exist AND got the added benefit of denying fans some great music. Two for the price of one. Some well intentioned, but horribly misguided Grateful Dead fans did something similar a few years ago and kept asking questions about sharing live shows until some band attorney finally said, "No, you can't do that". And then a whole bunch of soundboard recordings were pulled from a live archive. And this was the GRATEFUL DEAD! The band that practically "invented" taping shows. They certainly invented the "taper's section" and "taper tickets". I loo
  2. Yeah, I was talking about the 3-3-07 one specifically.
  3. Yeah for the Pavement mentions! Funny how way back when, Pavement was the darlings of the critics and Wilco was sort of under the radar. Now, it's hard to find someone who's even *heard* of Pavement let alone heard them, while Wilco is everywhere. Well, not everywhere. That would be Miley Cyrus, but you get the point.
  4. This set of discs in particular is already cut up like this: 1. Banter track 2. Song 3. Banter track #2 4. Song #2 etc. So if you only want to hear songs, just hit the "next" button or reburn the disc but only select every other track. In the Grateful Dead and Bob Dylan taping world, a bunch of people have remastered live recordings, but when they post them they always make it clear that this is a "Mad Cow" remaster or a "Bertha" remaster so everyone knows that someone has tweaked the sound. I've heard a lot of these and often they sound better.....cleaner, less muddy, etc. Sometimes the
  5. Thanks for the background and the links. Very interesting reading.
  6. I've been enjoying the hell out of the Jeff Tweedy show from 3-3-07 which is labeled as "Letters to Santa Benefit - Living Room Concert (#3)The Coleman Home, Winnetka, IL". Can someone please explain these shows? Who are the Colemans? Friends of the band? How did they get to host the show? How big is the house/room he played in? How did you get to attend? What was the benefit for? The song selection and the banter from Jeff makes this my favorite acoustic Tweedy show I have, not to mention it's 3 discs long. Any explaination would be greatly appreciated.
  7. It's more like judging chocolate by the picture on the wrapper or the font they used.
  8. Folks - There is now a second source for this show up on etree: http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=507605&...1834#comm291834
  9. I got nothing. Couldn't get through on the phone or on the computer. I'm trying very hard to be happy for the rest of you lucky bastards though!
  10. The Barns is tiny. TINY. It's be a great place to see them, but tickets would really be impossible. But I'll second and third the idea for Wilco to appear at the Filene Center (the big outdoor part of Wolf Trap). That's a killer venue and they need more "rockers" to play there.
  11. Yes, but that was the show that Tweedy tried to kick someone in the head in the front row! That's gotta count for something
  12. Why do they even bother with this charade called pre-sale tickets? Sold out in 15 seconds!?!?! What's the point?
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