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  1. I agree, but I love the Grateful Dead. But to me there's the Grateful Dead and then there's the jam bands and the only similarity is that both play long stretches of instrumental music. To build on to what someone else said, I agree about the "song supporting the jam" vs. the "jam supporting the song". The GD had some amazing, poetic lyrics that worked as a poem or as a short song, they just happend to surround them with lots of instrumental music. While I'm hardly a literary scholar, I am almost physically unable to listen to Phish because of the dopey lyrics. I get the feeling that th
  2. Agreed. Impossible Germany has that great instrumental/jam section in it, but every single one is damn near exactly the same. That's not jamming in the typical sense, that's just rocking out!
  3. For those of you with satellite radio, Wilco is "taking over" The Spectrum (Channel 28) this weekend starting at 5 pm (EDT) on friday. Here's what the Sirius website says: Wilco is taking over the Spectrum to celebrate the band's new album, The Whole Love. All weekend long, hear the group introduce new and old Wilco songs and pick out some personal favorites. Plus hear Wilco's new album in its entirety with exclusive behind-the-scenes commentary from the bandmembers, as well as an exclusive performance recorded at Wilco’s private loft, just for SiriusXM listeners! Wilco Weekend airs Se
  4. Sounds great. At first I thought it was a little bassy (sound that way on my computer's speakers), but in headphones I didn't get any over blown bass at all. Grab it!
  5. Nice job on the "proselytizing" as he called it! Bless your heart, Bobhund's heart and the hearts of tapers everywhere!
  6. We live in an amazing age! I just downloaded the show from last night. It took 4 minutes and 39 seconds and I have it less than 24 hours since they played the first note! Back in the old days I used to marvel at the fact that I got a batch of Grateful Dead tapes 2 or 3 months after the show was played! (And I knew tapers!) The "immediacy" of that used to blow me away. And that was weeks or months later, on cassette, with a trip to the post office. To quote Homer, "What a world we live in"
  7. Where is this located? I didn't know such a place existed.
  8. Thanks! I'll grab it tonight. I've been looking there for new stuff, but haven't found any. Probably operator error.
  9. Wha? Where is it? I love that song, but I need a full show!
  10. Thanks! I wish I knew they were selling it before I ordered it. I'm seeing them on Sunday and I don't expect to get the disc until Wednesday or Thursday (I hope no later than that!). I don't understand the idea of starting a tour before the album you're supporting is available though. Seems like putting the cart before the horse.
  11. I've been looking at a few theads in here and it seems like some/all of you have heard the new album and know it backwards and forwards. How is this happening? The NPR stream?? Is it out there in a downloadable form anywhere? I'd like to immerse myself in it before the Sunday show. (Yes, I ordered and paid for a copy! Just don't have it yet). My second question is, have any live shows from this tour show up on BT sites yet? I've been checking Dime and etree but the most recent I can find is from Japan in July. Thanks! Bart
  12. Interesting! I"ll give it another try or 2, but right now I have to force myself to listen to it instead of not being able to wait to listen to it.
  13. I used to love Pavement/Malk, but after a couple of listens to his new album I've sort of forgotten about it. The one song that stuck with me reminded me of Wowie Zowie era Pavement, which was great, but reminded me of "what might have been." To me it seems each one of his solo records is worse than the last.
  14. I'd beg him to stop writting songs in alternate/non-standard tunings. I've got nothing against those songs, but I'm not retuning my guitar to play one song! I hate tuning!!
  15. Pretty much. I mean, it's 2011 and this is a big hunk of plastic with what, 6 or 7 minutes of music on it? For about the same weight you could fill and ipod 1000 songs! I doubt this is a big money maker for them. I wouldn't be surprised if they lost money on this. Think of it as labor of love from them to you.
  16. Very cool. I sort of wish he changed the last line to, "I don't believe in Wilco, I just believe in me, Susie and me"
  17. Awesome dude! Thanks!!! While you're at it, can you take a stab at "Just A Kid"? And if it's in a weird tuning, can you fake it in standard tuning? I hate tuning the guitar in standard tuning so songs in alternate tunings are non starters for me. I know, bad attitude. I probably need more guitars.
  18. Hey Speed Racer aka Recorded Nap......we traded some Wilco stuff a few years ago. You sent me a couple Austin City limits dvds and I sent you some DC show I recorded. Small world. Now I'm arguing with you on proper use of language and the Wilco suck quotient.
  19. Hey Atticus! You're the guy made famous on one of those Living Room shows. Great name, great show......I'm jellous of you for both!
  20. That one gets into that syrupy sweet, almost cheesey category for me. But "Please Tell My Brother" on the other hand, hits me like a truck......in a good way. Brilliant, beautiful, touching.
  21. An embarrasment of riches! Thanks to both of you. I downloaded Craig's version ("cdb") and it sounds fantastic. Long live the tapers!
  22. Me no understand, but did Recorded Nap used to be Speed Racer?
  23. Damn! Don't I feel stupid. I always thought it was "and".....like "I made my case and I made my point". I'm not sure I even understand how the "in" works in that phrase. Anyhow, back to the discussion.......I'll paraphrase Homer to get back to where we left off, "Wilco sucks. They are the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked"
  24. When you say "downloaded" you mean you did the whole bit torrent thing, right? If your answer was, "yes" you now have to convert the FLAC flies to WAV files and then burn them to a disc. You can't put the FLAC files on a disc and play them in a CD player. You can download FLAC converters for free.
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