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  1. Anyone know the chords to this tune? I have it on a bootleg called "The Complete Singles". It's basically Summerteath with different chords and a different chorus (instead of the "it's just a dream he keeps having" part, they sing "tried and true". Anyhow, it's a cool progression, anyone know it?
  2. Bart

    Just a Kid

    So here's my standard tuning attempt based on your alternate attempt. There's the little D-riff that happens throughout the song which I tabbed out in open chord and barre chord format. Use which ever works best for you or alternate. Also, most of the rest of the chords sound better as 5th, not full chords. The lowercase letters at the "why's that true" part are supposed to represent single notes. One recording I had sounded like he played them, but you can leave them out if it's easier and go straight from the E chord to the D chord. I'm not totally sure about the end part with all th
  3. I just did a quick count of the number of different chords in Hummingbird: 17 Misunderstood: 2
  4. Good idea! I didn't mere mortals could do that............seriously, I didn't know these shows were open to the public in some fashion.
  5. Wow! You must have a low tollerance, but consider it let go. I've seen the light and now advocate that Jeff only plays shows for single payers. Bidding starts at 10 million dollars per seat, but the good news is there's only one seat. ;-)
  6. Yeah, I knew that. I was shocked when I first heard that policy. In fact, if you search the achives, you'll find me making damn near the same complaint in one of these LRS threads from years ago. I keep bringing it up in the (irrational) hope that Jeff/Sue/Someone sees it and reconsiders the position, if for no other reason than to sell them and make more money for the charity.
  7. I get it, but on the other hand wouldn't it suck if just a few insiders got to look at the Mona Lisa. Great art should be spread far and wide. I love the idea of these shows (even if it wasn't for charity). The idea of a "famous rockstar" doing a tiny show that's one step above sitting on the porch and playing for friends is beyond fantastic. But the way they are executed smacks of classism or the cool kids vs the dorks or the haves and the have nots. It seems like the exact opposite of the Wilco ethos. Being excluded from the president's national security briefing is understandable.
  8. You are correct sir! I wasn't thinking that Jeff would pad his pockets with this money, I was thinking it's a way to exponentially increase the amount of money the charity received.
  9. Are the powers that be still adhering to the misguided policy of not allowing recordings of these shows to be shared? I get it, they can make any rule they want, but if they want to make some real money they should sell copies of these shows. Failing that, the should allow some of us non-insiders to hear them. This is not a knock on Wilco albums, but I find myself listening to the couple of Living Room Shows much more Frequently than any album or any live show (Tweedy or Wilco). There's something special about these shows that you don't get anywhere (both song selection and banter). I t
  10. Bart

    Just a Kid

    A great song that needs to be tabbed out. Sadly, I don't have the skills to do it. To my tin ear, it sounds like it's in an alternate tuning. Hopefully I'm wrong, but if it is in an alternate tuning, can someone try to figure it out (or a close approximation) in standard tuning? Please?
  11. Anyone know these guys? I heard their song "If I Loved You" on Sirius the other day and it blew me away. Here's Bottom of the River from Conan. It's got an old time spitiual vibe and Conan seems genuinely floored: v=iZhapdCuX7M Not sure why that video doesn't pop up, but here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZhapdCuX7M Not sure why the link is not highlighted either. Me not so good on the interwebs.
  12. Thanks folks! More orders will be placed. Is there a consensus on the greatest Tom Waits album? I know it's an impossible question but I'm asking it anyhow!
  13. I need to broaden my Tom Waits horizons and I'm looking for suggestions. I have Rain Dogs which I love and I used to have have Nighthawks At The Diner which I can no longer find. Based on "Wilco Me" in another thread, I'm all set to buy Heart Attack and Vine and Small Change. Are there any other must haves that I need to have?
  14. Thanks! I'm blocked from youtube type broadcasts at work so I couldn't check it myself.
  15. Was Laminated Cat broadcast on the show or just some "backstage" thing? I happened to be randomly, briefly concious last night and saw them do Art Of Almost, but thought the show ended right after that. Did it, or did I fall back asleep and miss the second song?
  16. I'm a bit surprised at the late start time considering they have an opening act. Too late to do anything about it now, but in retrospect, they maybe should have had showtime listed as 7:00 or 7:30 to give the opener and headliner time to do their thing.
  17. Very fun show last night. The crowd seemed really into it and remained standing for nearly all of the show. At least where I was (row f, right side). The only time people sat down was during One Sunday Morning. Not bad for a bunch of old farts. It got up to 100 degrees yesterday, but Jeff still came out in a black shirt, black jacket and big hat. He must have been dying of the heat. Regarding the curfew, it was kind of funny. At one point about an hour into the show, Jeff said something like, "Don't worry, we have plenty of time" The next few times he spoke he said, "We're running
  18. Lee - started at about five till eight and played about 35-40 mins Wilco started a little before 9 and ended a little before 11. But Jeff made a few comments on how they were running out of time, so I wouldn't be surprised if everything moved up a bit tomorrow
  19. Wow! Thank you! Lightbulb goes off over my head. I was trying to play the Dm at "Of" instead of putting the Bm there. Makes all the difference in the world! Thanks so much for breaking it down for me.
  20. Thanks Andrew! Maybe you can help me place the chords in the "maybe you noticed" part? Where do you put the chords for this part: Dm A Dm Of anything that I've done Is it: Of any[Dm]thing[A] that I've [Dm]done ? That's the part that is throwing me. I can't seem to make it sound right. Thanks again.
  21. Anyone have any thoughts or updates on this? I've got the verse part down, but I can't make the chorus sound right (the "Maybe you've noticed I'm not ashamed" part) Do those chords work for that part?
  22. A far better Dylan cover album in my opinion is the "I'm Not There" soundtrack. There are some really original cover versions on there.
  23. I've always loved this song too. The verse that floors me is: I met somebody face to face, I had to remove my hat. She's everything I need and love but I can't be swayed by that. It frightens me, the awful truth, of how sweet life can be. But she ain't gonna make a move, I guess it must be up to me. Poor tortured Bob! He met someone who is EVERYTHING he needs and loves, yet he still can't be swayed by it/her. And he's frightened by the "awful truth" of how sweet life can be! How do you come up with a line like that?!?!? He's terrified by the prospect of being happy and in love! Bur
  24. You get a gold star. You're trying to improve the situation for those around you.
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