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  1. Is it possible to record live music (or anything) an iPhone with external mics in a high quality, non-mp3 format? In the past, I've used a Marantz digital deck but it's fairly large and bulky and an iPhone is about 95% smaller! Is there an app that will let me record in high quality? Thanks! Bart
  2. Well said, and I completely agree. And with the rise of Jam Bands, the GD often get painted with that same brush by ignorant and opportunistic. I've always felt that there were Jam Bands and then there was the Grateful Dead and the only similarity is they both play songs with long instrumental passages.
  3. Anyone have the chords to this one off Alpha Mike Foxtrot?
  4. When you click in the reply window, a tool bar will appear at the top of the box with symbols for bold, italics, underline, etc. Right above the "B" symbol for bold, there's a little light switch icon. Click on that, and then go back to the post you want to quote and click the "quote" button. That should work.
  5. I'm pretty sure I'm not smart enough to do either one of those things. Can I send the discs to someone?
  6. I recorded that show (6-30-03 Washington DC) from the soundboard area. I can send it to someone.......?
  7. There's a little "switch" in the upper left hand corner of the reply box (to the left of the "font" drop down menu). Hit that switch and you'll be able to cut and paste. I had to hit the switch before I could quote your message. Don't know why it's happening, but it also happened on some other board that I go on.
  8. Back of what?!?? Or are you talking about the vinyl release?
  9. Where are the numbers listed? And, Wilco, if you're out there, THANK YOU! This is a fantastic release. Top quality from top to bottom. The music, the package, the photos, the write ups, and especially the liner notes from Jeff.
  10. Thanks! That thought briefly kossed my mind as I was typing my message.
  11. This might have already been covered, but did anyone notice they spelled "Kamera" with a C and not a K on the tracklist: DISC 3: I’m The Man Who Loves You (live) / The Good Part / Cars Can’t Escape / Camera / Handshake Drugs (First Version) / A Magazine Called Sunset
  12. My favorite is probably Rock Scully's book, Living With the Dead. It's downright hilarious at times and also doesn't sugarcoat any of the darker issues (he was Jerry's main drug buddy for many years after all) I also liked Greefield's Dark Star for the fact that he gave a lot of time to the later years and Jerry's diminishing health. It was a bit shocking to read, but very interesting. My biggest hang up about most Dead books (and probably the upcoming movie) is that 90% of them cover the years 60 - 72 and 10% covers the next 23 years.
  13. What didn't you like about Phil's book? It's been years since I read it, but I'm pretty sure I liked it.
  14. Thanks for that. I guess it makes sense to some degree, but I'm sure there are tons of people like me (and mountain bed above) who refuse to subscribe because we don't want or need another 10 shows for 77. And when they veer off from 77, they land at 72. Both are good years, but there are 28 other years that go ignored.
  15. Does anyone know or understand the logic behind these (very) limited editions? For many of us the options are 1) don't listen to the show or 2) download illegally / burn the disc from a friend. I'd much rather give my money to the Grateful Dead org for all the great music and great memories, but they won't let me
  16. Very appropriate after the clash with the audience member.
  17. Ahhh, thanks. I was never that good with reading comprehension.
  18. >> This is wrong, right? Glen was in the bad before all those guys including Jay and Leroy, right?
  19. You might have my recording! I had mics set up in the soundboard area for that show (no affilation with anyone in the band......I just asked the soundboard guy if I could put my mic stand there, and he let me). Haven't listened to that show in ages though.
  20. Anyone remember the DC show at Constitution Hall in the (I think) IATTBYH days when Jeff tired to kick a guy in the head at the front of the stage?? It was near the end of the show and this guy went down the main aisle right to the front of the stage and tried to post for a photo with him in the front and Jeff singing in the background. IIRC, Jeff stepped up and took a swing at him with his leg and started yelling at him. "WHAT AM I, A TRAINED MONKEY?"
  21. Wow! Nice observation. It didn't occur to me at all at the time, but I think you nailed it. Even the shirt he wore (an oxford) reminds me of Levon in the Last Waltz. (as I google it, I see that the two shirts are not the same, but I did find a bunch of other photos of Levon wearing oxford-type shirts.) Anyhow, great observation.
  22. Cool, thanks! As I've grown lazy in my old age, I wish there was a good old fashioned option for gettting a disc in the mail. Another memory I just had from last night: At the end of the show, Jeff did a quick re-introduction of the band (first names only this time) and then hugged his son at center stage. Awwww.
  23. What does this mean? Are they releasing these shows for sale?
  24. Warning: A dissenting opinion ahead Very mellow show. VERY MELLOW. I feel like Jeff went from Dad Rock straight to Great Grandad Rock. Even the Wilco songs were super mellow. Skip the alcohol before the show and pound a Red Bull or six. Jeff was charming and funny as usual, but sadly for me, when I look back at the most memorable parts of the show, it's the between song banter and a few Wilco songs. There were a couple of new songs that could be defined as something other than a dirge, but for the most part it was s-l-o-o-o-w. He did thank the crowd for sitting through a full h
  25. 1 ticket, face value. Show is general admission. Reply here or PM me Thanks
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