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  1. Just don't put those songs on the ipod or burn your own custom Wilco ep. Problem solved. Next!
  2. The chances that the next Wilco album will suck are zero. The next Justin Beiber album will certainly suck, but the next Wilco album will not. Some of you may not like it because it's not Summerteeth Pt. II, but time marches on and thankfully so does this band. To all the people bitching about the last two albums - - would you rather they didn't release them at all? Would you rather have 5 years with no new material? Some of you guys remind me of some hard core Dylan fans. There's a certain, very vocal, segment of Dylan fans who have hated everything he's done since sometime in 1962.
  3. Thanks for posting that article. But what does this mean (from the article): >>> What's the "unintentional diagnosis"?
  4. Bless your heart for making them a standard size! It kills me to drop 200 bucks on a custom frame. I picked up the DC poster last night and I'll be heading out to look for fames at lunch. Thanks for the great artwork.
  5. That's crazy/funny/sad. I was down on the floor and we all heard something going on up there. Half of the floor was looking up and back trying to figure out what the commotion was. I thought someone was getting thrown out......very strange since it was such a mellow crowd, but obviously that wasn't the case.
  6. They both played acoustic guitars and sang backup vocals. Weird to see John bassless the entire night. Pat played piano (keyboards) on Passenger Side too.
  7. Oh yeah, at the start of ELT, he said, "this was the most requested song on our website, which means most of you will be unhappy". Hilarious!
  8. Very enjoyable show. Very mellow, but enjoyable. I probably would have been upset with the length if I didn’t know what to expect from reading reviews in here. And I know I’m going to sound like a selfish jerk (hey, you read my bio!) by saying this, but the set list for me was a little lacking. Too many mellow songs, too many songs I’ve heard a million times and a few key misses from previous shows like Radio King and What’s the World Got In Store. But I understand he can’t play all my faves every night. Acuff –Rose was truly a magical moment and probably the highlight of the night. I’
  9. Bummer. I didn't actually check if there were any available, I just looked at the Wilco site and for DC, the "buy tickets" button was up instead of the "sold out" button.
  10. I just checked the Wilco site and they still have (the newly released) Lincoln Theater tickets available. Get 'em if you need 'em.
  11. I'm going to DC, but I love the NYC one. Is that a real bird? At first I thought it was a Royal Tern, but the bill is the wrong shape and color. Plus the "hair" is too long. Then I thought it resembled a Night Heron a bit, but that was even less of a match. Then I start thinking it looks like a penguin, but I don't know jack about penguins. Through the wonders of google, I found a Marconi Penguin which looks sort of close, but not really. Maybe some type of auk? Anyhow, what's the bird, or is it a couple birds thrown together? Either way, the DC one will be hanging in my home in a
  12. Any idea what time doors open? I don't have my tickets with me. What time are you getting in line?
  13. If you get a good one for Thank You Friends, post it here. I couldn't get it to sound right, especially the intro.
  14. This is really cool, but I hope it doesn't bite me. I bought some scalper/craig's list tickets a few weeks ago. The guy who sold them looked "normal" (non-scalper.....whatever that means) and said he had to sell them because his wife was expecting. In some ways his story makes sense, but in other ways it's a complete fabrication. You mean you didn't know the due date of the baby until after you bought ticktets?!?!? I wonder if the "revoked tickets" were will call tickets or were somehow actual paper tickets? Anyone have any thoughts?
  15. Back on topic...... I'm going to bring my gear and try to tape the DC show. Unfortunately, there's a problem with my deck where it "adds" a little sound during the quiet parts. I need to get it repaired as it didn't used to do this, but it almost sounds like tape noise, or something spinning. Very strange since it's a digital deck that records onto a compact flash card. Anyhow, I figure something is better than nothing and it's not noticible when the music is happening so I'll try to tape.
  16. Is anyone taping this tour? What's the policy, same as Wilco? I kind of doubt it, but maybe. Is anyone taping DC?
  17. I'd like to see it be a sticky thread or it's own forum so we could build on it and have be easily found. I'll start......easy one and not even an interpretation, more of fact on a reference. In New Madrid, when he says "walk with me to the fountain" he's talking about the fountain in the middle of Belleview, IL where he lived at the time. The fountain was just a few blocks down the main drag from where he and the Tupelo guys lived
  18. I bit the scalper bullet today and got 2 DC tickets for 80 bucks a piece from craigslist. I think the original price was $40 or so, and with the bullshit fees, it puts it closer (or maybe over) $50 each, so I figured I only dropped an extra 30 bucks each. On the one hand it's crazy and way overpriced, but on the other hand it's not like Jeff tours the east coast often.
  19. Strangely enough, after my failed attempt at Starbucks with my personal computer, I tried it again on my work computer and the "weird text" thing showed up. Starbucks was still my safest bet because lately the whole damn internet has been super slow at work. Of course in spite of my best attempts, I have zero tickets, so I hearby start the begging for your extras!!! Bring 'em on!
  20. The ticketmaster site doesn't say it's sold out yet, so I'm still trying, but I don't have a good feeling
  21. Haven't been able to get through on line but I just got through on the phone. "I'm sorry, that event is completely sold out". Eight minutes! Who knows when it was actually sold out? 10:04? 10:02? Uggh.
  22. I'll buy it if you can't go! I'm in the process of getting shut out on two fronts.
  23. Interesting. I didn't think they picked up the phone until 10 on the dot
  24. Thanks for the tips. Unfortunatley this is a Goverment computer and damn near everything is locked down. IE is the only approved browser and I can't get the "weird text" window to pop up. The "audio" future is also disabled. Hell, they even disabled our USB ports! Anyhow, I'll just have to bring my personal laptop in and head to Starbucks for a, ahem, coffee break at around 9:45.
  25. Thanks! I've got a new and different reason to hate ticketbastard.......it won't work on my work computer. For some reason, the special code that you have to type in (the thing in weird text) doesn't show up, so I can't actually buy tickets. The weird text showed up with Frontgate, but for ticketmaster it doesn't. Oy!
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