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  1. Have they stopped posting these shows to youtube? Or are they in a different place? The last entry on Susie's youtube page was from October. Apologies if this has been asked and answered 10 pages ago!
  2. Thanks all...………..I'm a day late and a dollar short...………...story of my life!
  3. Thanks gents! Bummer about Wilco and archive.org, but I'm sure glad they still let us tape the shows! Is the live show archive The Owl and Bear site or is there some other beast out there? Can you stream the live shows or do they have to be downloaded first? (I'm very late to the streaming party, and still buy physical copies of music, but I'm starting to see the wisdom in streaming vs physical copies)
  4. Awesome! Now I just need to figure out what Dropbox is and how to download the files!! Does Wilco still allow taping or were you stealth? Years ago, I recorded the Constitution Hall show from the soundboard area. No soundboard feed, but I got to set up my mics there. So I guess to answer my own question, yes, they Still allow taping. Or do they?!?! I always wondered why they are not on the Relisten app.
  5. Last night was game four of the NLCS and if the Nats were to win, they'd go on to the World Series (they won). But I have to think that had some affect on the crowd. When I got there, it was very mellow out front. There were no lines to get in, and they was NO ONE looking for tickets. Usually it's a madhouse out there, with huge lines in both directions. My friend had 4 tickets she couldn't use (went to the Nats instead) and we couldn't even give them away! We ended up turning them in to the Anthem staff who said they'd give them to people who lost their ticket or had some ticket related
  6. Here's the setlist as printed: Well, that didn't go so well. I'm getting an error message that says: "The server returned an error during upload" Anyone have any idea what my problem is?!?! (About trying to upload the setlist, not about my life in general!) You and I was listed between Via Chicago and Bull Black Nova and the encore was listed as Empty Corner, Cali Stars and The Late Greats
  7. Does this site still exist? I can't seem to find it. Is there an active live streaming Wilco site?
  8. That might have been the line in DC too. I’m not 100% sure of my quote......hell, I’m not even 50% sure!
  9. Thanks for the great write up bbop!! I care!! This is probably old news (I haven't been on this site in ages), but in Misunderstood, Jeff approximated the chaotic part of the song where the whole band goes crazy, but it was just him banging away and hitting dead notes, and wrong notes on the acoustic. Very cool and kind of funny. Speaking of funny, Jeff was hilarious and charming all night long. While I'd much rather hear him play and sing, I'd be psyched if he did a spoken word tour ala Henry Rollins. His delivery and comedic timing are incredible. You'd think he made his living as
  10. I wondered the same thing right after his death, but then a while later when the autopsy came out it said something like the arteries in his heart were down to pin hole size. The implication being that even if he stayed clean, a lifetime of abuse, diabetes and being overweight did so much damage that no matter what he did, he didn't have much time left. I was at work when I heard the news on NPR. I went home for the day. Does anyone else remember the internet "breaking" on 8-9-95 from overuse?
  11. A friend of mine hooked me up with a surprise version of the 18 disc set. I haven't listened to much yet, but when I was looking online at the track listing I was surprised at how much repetition there was.....until Disc 18 where it's all and different and the songs are not on any of the other discs. This disc doesn't even look like it belongs with the rest of the set! I'm kind of surprised they didn't release those tunes on a more affordable version. They're on the 6 disc version, only the 18. They're pretty much begging you to go out and bootleg the bootleg!
  12. Years ago, at the start of the digital age (or maybe the rise of MP3) someone asked Keith Richards what he thought of it all and his quote was something like, "I don't care if it's delivered on a frozen pea! The important thing is for people to be listening to music". Or something like that.
  13. Talking about a release of live "religious period" stuff: Have you heard any of it live? (you probably have, but maybe not) It's great and powerful and full of fire and brimstone and passion and all that stuff that makes a performance great. I get it if you can't get behind the message or the lyrics, but I love the delivery.
  14. I wasn't a fan either, but at least Brent could sing! If you're looking for the lowest of the low, look no further Phil Lesh. I love him on the bass, but as a singer and songwriter, he's less talented than me! And I'm awful!! Exhibit A, B and C: Wave To The Wind Childhood's End If The Shoe Fits
  15. Over at the Gumbo Pages, they have the chords and (maybe) the riff for Don't You Honey Me, but I can't figure out the riff. There seems to be 10 lines of tab.....not 6 for 6 guitar strings or 12 for 2 separate lines of guitar strings. http://www.gumbopages.com/music/wilco/songs/dont.you.honey-me.txt It looks like this: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------
  16. Cool, thanks! I didn't know that.
  17. Is it possible to record live music (or anything) an iPhone with external mics in a high quality, non-mp3 format? In the past, I've used a Marantz digital deck but it's fairly large and bulky and an iPhone is about 95% smaller! Is there an app that will let me record in high quality? Thanks! Bart
  18. Well said, and I completely agree. And with the rise of Jam Bands, the GD often get painted with that same brush by ignorant and opportunistic. I've always felt that there were Jam Bands and then there was the Grateful Dead and the only similarity is they both play songs with long instrumental passages.
  19. Anyone have the chords to this one off Alpha Mike Foxtrot?
  20. When you click in the reply window, a tool bar will appear at the top of the box with symbols for bold, italics, underline, etc. Right above the "B" symbol for bold, there's a little light switch icon. Click on that, and then go back to the post you want to quote and click the "quote" button. That should work.
  21. I'm pretty sure I'm not smart enough to do either one of those things. Can I send the discs to someone?
  22. I recorded that show (6-30-03 Washington DC) from the soundboard area. I can send it to someone.......?
  23. There's a little "switch" in the upper left hand corner of the reply box (to the left of the "font" drop down menu). Hit that switch and you'll be able to cut and paste. I had to hit the switch before I could quote your message. Don't know why it's happening, but it also happened on some other board that I go on.
  24. Back of what?!?? Or are you talking about the vinyl release?
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