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  1. I dig neil with POTR, but lose the bongo guy. Please
  2. Interesting takes on the whole thing. His comments to the guy about his job struck me as a little "put-downish" but no biggie. Glad he didnt talk to me. As far as rowdiness- seemed less so than the last solo show he played at HG. Some unbearable drunk Saint Mike's students yelling song requests in the front. The band in the smaller lounge next door were too loud at the start so I agree a bit with the "turn it up" from the back. Sound wasn't great at the beginning. New Wave Theatre was the highlight for me. Thought it was You're not Alone from the very similar opening chords
  3. as of 1pm est, very few burlington tickets left according to dude at box office. edit: sold out
  4. Its an excellent show. Someone has a bunch of 75/77 stuff, and they come out every couple years.
  5. The jesus twins was a riff on Chris and Rich IMO. Rock and Roll HOF comments firm that up some more. I love the crowes, but wow.
  6. i thought seattle 9/3, had more punch than most
  7. agib bt am yhf st twl sbs sw sch wta
  8. there was a show at memorial aud in 04 that was pretty sparse too- if my memory serves me right. ghost is born tour, such a rad show
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