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  1. I think that often happens with "sudden" releases. d'angelo vinyl shipped about three months after cd release when he decided to move his release date up last year. I have not had enough time to listen very much yet, but i find a different interest point each time I listen which is very encouraging.
  2. the first night's show was excellent. he sounded great.
  3. Nice. thanks for the link. great performance. they seem outstanding live and are playing a small venue in Nashville on March 6. the new album is excellent.
  4. i am really enjoying the stream of this (Then Came The Morning) on npr and bought the album today. Anyone familiar with this band? a member of the national produced. I highly recommend checking out the first listen before it goes away.
  5. i am excited to hear it so probably no is the answer.
  6. i have greatly enjoyed my last two st vincent shows. War on Drugs on Monday.
  7. will be great. Ihttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qS2M_rK4cI
  8. I am also there both nights. wonder if they sell two different hatch prints like last time.
  9. I like the new album and think dan auerbach did an interesting job as producer.
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