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  1. What is “White wooden cross” ? Is that a new Wilco song?
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    My local store is getting 4 copies. That’s probably enough. But I’m freaking out a bit. I’m about 40 mins from the store...so I’ll need to get up super early.
  3. In this case I agree with the OP. It’s one thing to not include one on a regular priced LP, but on a Deluxe Box Set that costs much more than the Cd or Web versions , and is also missing 90 mins of content, is a bit shrewd. They could at least include a download to just the missing content. That way you aren’t paying more for less content.
  4. I worked at a record store when Being There came out, and I remember it grew quite the following early on amoung the college crowd. Being a double album for the price of a regular album actually made it a pretty big selling point back then. I even remember the promo sticker advertising “2 CDS for $12.99!”. That’s actually what caught my eye initially. I’m actually surprised the original pitchfork review was so cold towards it. Then again this was Chicago and I think expectations were pretty high at the time.
  5. New Tweedy record coming soon? Feels like something is coming.
  6. Really impressed with both deluxe editions. The Being There deluxe especially. I hope they do this to ALL of their albums. I will re-buy all of them if the content is this rewarding. Biggest surprise is how much I like the original version of Capitol City more than the version on Whole Love. For a song they rarely play live, this version would work really well during an acoustic set.
  7. I love that there is no banter on night 1. It's basically a live version of the albums with little to no interruption.
  8. So I don't want to seem nit picky but I'm pretty unimpressed with the overall "vinyl package" for the standard vinyl. No linear notes, no download card, and a rather flimsy jacket that has already cracked on the spine. Everything about it feels low budget. At least compared to the other Wilco releases I have on vinyl. If you're going to charge us $20+ please put a little more effort into it. /rant
  9. I'm so envious of you folks that got to see this. What an amazing set!
  10. No download card in the vinyl. Which is really lame. Since I ordered from Bull Moose, I won't be getting a download from Kung Fu. I have been buying most of my vinyl off Amazon, as almost anything you buy gets transferred to your Amazon Prime Music account. Sadly Amazon cancelled my order... Oh well. At least it's on Spotify...
  11. I think the album is streaming on Spotify or whatever, so you can always listen before you buy. As long as you go in knowing what to expect, then you shouldn't be disappointed. If a precise acoustic recording of old songs interests you, then you should enjoy it on that level. It's not going to hold your attention much passed that. It's something nice to have, but in no way essential.
  12. I think Number 2 answers your Number 1. I'm more puzzled why the box set came with a uh...puzzle. Talk about unnecessary. This will be a good "Sunday Morning" record. As I said in my other post, I just wish it was a bit longer considering it's just a re-release of old songs. It really should be a "bargain" release, but I do like having it on vinyl.
  13. So this is exactly what you would expect. Extremely intimate versions of some of Wilco's best songs. The production is really nice. Super quiet, but dynamic. It sounds like he's playing on a stool in your living room. It's gorgeous. I don't think this release will be for "everyone", it's definitely a fan service record. The live solo jeff albums have always been great, so it's really awesome to have some studio quality solo cuts. My only complaint? Considering the live recordings are typically 20+ songs. Only having 11 feels a little too brief for my tastes. This could have easily been a
  14. well if you ordered it from Wilco HQ, you should have gotten it early. Bull Moose gets their stock from the distro and then mails it to their customers. They also use media mail to save on postage. Its still possible I'll have it by tomorrow, but if not, no big deal. It's not like I haven't heard all things songs before a million times, lol.
  15. Where did you order it from? Typically labels and sites like Amazon have it to you by release date. I bought mine from Bull Moose because I wanted the "limited" vinyl. So I expected to wait a couple days to receive it due to shipping time.
  16. Another SS I will not be attending due to finances. Have fun all! Looking forward to the Roadcase recordings and the stories.
  17. the new Big Thief album - Capacity is great for those who haven't heard it. The new Kevin Morby is also solid. Kurt Vile puts on a real relaxed show, I've seen him twice. I love his records, but don't expect a lot of "excitement" before Wilco's performance.
  18. for some reason I thought the event was this weekend. Have fun everyone!
  19. A Ghost is Born in full would be amazing too.. Nels kills on those songs.
  20. Not surprised YHF is in the lead, it's by far their most popular album. You have to remember that not everyone going has seen Wilco over 5 times...lol. Being There would be a great choice though. In fact any of these would be a good choice besides Star Wars and Wilco (the album).
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