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  1. Section 112, row S seats 10 and 11. Will sell both for $80 or best offer, and use overnight shipping or whatever the fastest way to get them to you would be
  2. so, my girlfriend and I are having trouble coordinating our work schedules to be able to see wilco this time through, and i'm really trying to make it work. any takers? PM me for the specifics or email undo dot radio at gmail dot com
  3. i have two tix for the chicago 10/19 show, $50 / each. would like to trade for two ann arbor tix for 10/16, or simply cash undo dot radio at gmail dot com or PM me justin
  4. cover of 'spiders' the way i saw jeff do it at ann arbor folk festival last year is there somewhere else that people post stuff like this? feel free to move this topic
  5. Please please please undo.radio@gmail.com
  6. Hey Guys, looking for 2 tickets to royal oak in July. PM me or email me at undo.radio@gmail.com Thanks, Justin
  7. hey guys, i didn't have enough money at the time tickets came out to get any, and i can't seem to find any good seats now. anybody have any extras, please PM me. or email undo.radio at gmail dot com justin
  8. recorded in one take in me bedroom
  9. you can use ernie ball volume pedals (or just about any volume pedal for that matter) as expression if you connect them correctly and the resistance is correct.
  10. also, if you know you and your buddy are running different versions of PT you can save as a copy that will open in older versions, if memory serves correctly, by clicking the "session format" drop-down menu in the save dialog box. chances are you won't have the exact same plugins, so some of them may become inactive when opening on the other PT setup - don't remove them! just wait until you are back on your original setup and re-instantiate them and your settings will be recalled. if you ARE getting an external, i would highly advise against USB, even if it does seem to work fine for so
  11. yeah, either that or they just thought it'd be funny to throw that obscure riff in there as the basis for that song as sort of a tongue in cheek thing
  12. mikael looks exactly like my college music professor who taught piano and anything related to computers/music
  13. very cool! we should have a 'pics of your home studio' thread. i'll start one if i can find some of mine.
  14. yeah - it has nothing to do with anything except what's coming out of your guitar. if your guitar doesn't have active pickups (which i hope to god it doesn't ) then it would be pointless to get the active pedal because it is designed for a different resistance. i think...
  15. that's one of the funniest things i've seen in a long time. thanks for making my morning!
  16. i dunno... i've never had a major problem with his voice, but always felt that it just didn't sit quite well with everything else
  17. echo that. and to be honest, i like ryan adams. but don't we know enough by know to know not to get our panties in a bunch over stuff like this? if it was one of your buddies doing this when he was a bit tipsy on a saturday night he'd get a barrel of laughs, but just because of the wilco line everybody's all up in arms. come on, if anything he's just jealous...
  18. i prefer to download mp3s via bittorrent and burn them to vinyl
  19. anybody hear imogen heap's version? i like just about everything she puts out, but i couldn't stand that cover for some reason.
  20. nels cline signature jazzmaster! that would be amazing
  21. good thing jeff has been working out lately...
  22. i know it wasn't your intention, but this made me chuckle a little bit because i got an image of somebody turning wilco on and suddenly becoming stricken with panic attacks and anxiety disorder. i have had acute anxiety attacks as well, and i wouldn't be surprised if the reason people like us are drawn to the music of jeff has at least something to do with that.
  23. i've owned a couple cij tele's, and just to echo what was said before, the craftsmanship is great, but be wary of the electronics. there's a lot of great CIJ deals on ebay, but i'd have a hard time picking another one up without playing it first.
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