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  1. The minutemen- "Three way tie (for Last)" Ramones-Too tough Too Die" -robert
  2. this is the best bit of "what's wrong with Wilco" response I've read in a loooong time.... -Robert
  3. Costco plays no music in thier warehouses..... -Robert
  4. donna!! a most happy birfday to you!!!! we lurve you!!! -robert
  5. Wilco needs to release thier inner "Pere Ubu" ..........warts and all. -Robert
  6. since moving to seattle.....i've been able to expand my holdings in Sub Pop recordings via goodwill,Salvation Army and such..... -Robert
  7. Yep.....me too! i wish "new found footage" for the shining would turn up for the more "king sized" appropriate ending...
  8. -The Ramainz(Dee Dee and Markey Ramone w/Barbara Zampini (2002) -CCR;Pendulum coming up: -Blondie;LIVID (live)
  9. The only coffee worthy of the Wilco name should be roasted by Thomas Hammer coffee of Spokane,WA -robert
  10. PF Sloan-"Here's Where I Belong":Best of The Dunhill Years 1965-1967
  11. -Bennett era Wilco -Uncle Tupelo -60's era Dylan -ABBA -Ramones (up to "Too Tough To Die" circa'89) -Mission of Burma -Buzzcocks -Jayhawks -Long Ryders -David Nelson Band (thanks Scott!) -The Doors -Big Star -The Trashmen -The Byrds -Leos Janacek (Czech composer) -Mike Miles aka "Simian Crease" -Gram Parsons -Marlee Mcleod and so on........... -Robert
  12. My favorite movie with him was "Men with Brooms".......great acting w/comedic sheen of seriousnes... -Robert
  13. Regrettably......Jeff has moved into comfort groove.....no "Being There" nor "Summerteeh" or even "YHF".......nothing to push MY buttons anymore.....this band is all about playing it safe now....PLEASE suprise me!!! -Robert
  14. F ck dude, make da most of it!! -Robert
  15. Meat Puppets were danger to young minds!?! -Robert
  16. yep,,,,,,,,,"Topeka Orion"??? someone may jus' jump on that..... -Robert
  17. Terry Jacks-"Seasons In The Sun" the one hit wonder had a solid album..........pretty decent by '70-s easy listening standards.... -Robert
  18. Friends Of Dean Martinez -Robert
  19. What Mike said.....add Calexico and FDOM to teh Califone list. -Robert
  20. -Moment in the Sun : Clem Snide -Like a Rollling Stone : Bob Dylan -Old Man : Neil Young "Live at Massey Hall-'71" -It Can Happen To You : Yes "Alternate Take" -Dance of the Dream Man : Angelo Badlementi {Twin Peaks Soundtrack) -It'll Never Happen Again : Tim Hardin -All I Really Want To Do : The Byrds {Dylan Cover} -Rocky Mountain Suite (Cold Nights In Canada) : John Denver -Personal Jesus (Holier Than Thou Version) : Depeche Mode -Bagful Of Money : The Byrds -Robert
  21. That and the Sauvignon Blanc on the vines.......hope they are OK too... -Robert
  22. agreed! been listening to "Live at Raj's" now & then.....great late Dream Syndicate show. A re-issue of "Medicine Show" would make my day! -Robert
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