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  1. "The Earth Rolls On" -Shaver "(Wading Through)The Waters Of My Time" -Richard Hawley "Lost My Drivin' Wheel" -The Byrds (From the "Farther Along" sessions) "I Wanna Be Your Dog" -Uncle Tupelo (acoustic version) "I Want Love" -Elton John (From the album " Songs from the West Coast") "Sha La La (Howling at the Moon)" -The Ramones "Angels From Montgomery" -John Denver (My favorite version of this song) "You Make Me Feel So Young" -Frank Sinatra "It'll Never Happen Again" -Tim Hardin "Wasted Days And Wasted Nights" -Coffee Creek (look it up, it's worth it.) "Hyacinth House" -Th
  2. I 'll wait for the hard copy to be released in July Thanks to Mtn. Bed for the heads up!!! -Robert
  3. Hey LouieB!!! enjoy the day! -Robert
  4. Surveillance cameras are there to remind us of our foilibles.......and we pretend to be shocked... -robert
  5. "The Straight Story" is DL's most straight linear film he's made......worth seeing. -Robert
  6. "Once We Were Trees" --Beachwood Sparks heard rumors that these guys are getting back together..... -Robert
  7. "Hearts Mend" by Beachwood Sparks A marvelous song -Robert
  8. His land holdings produced some outstanding wines in California...... -robert
  9. One time I wish I had cable....... My dad served in the 13th Air Corps in the Pacific Theatre.......he was always thankful that he did not end up up on the front lines.... His favorite planes to work on was the P-38 and B-17 bombers. -Robert
  10. It would have been a "folk ditty" without the dissonance of sound......it is perfect. Jay Bennett is largely to blame........god bless his soul. -Robert
  11. Gene Clark "Flying High" 1998 comp from A&M records...... beautiful songs here.... -Robert
  12. After reading this......there will be an Uncle Tupelo Reunion show................sometime. -Robert
  13. please, let me know your opinion!!! -robert
  14. Maker's for me has a nice smoke and caramel front notes.....with a burn that can be tempered with an ice cube or two..... -robert
  15. you are like me......once in a while a boubon or whiskey neat is real nice. my all time favorite ....Maker's Mark -Robert
  16. The Eels-"End Times" next; Bruce Springsteen-12-??-1981 (The Complete "Nebraska" Session Demos) -Robert
  17. This should be on a T-Shirt...... -Robert
  18. Def worth having..... just for those unreleased tracks...... -Robert
  19. Vibes to you stooka....... sometimes these things wierd out in such strange ways.... -robert
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