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  1. I dont know what show you were at Louie. Somehow we ended up in the 2nd row in the aisle and things were great. Had a blast. I havent decided on going or not. I feel like I'm kind of over seeing wilco for a while (been a long 20 years), but can't wait for May
  2. I have no first hand knowledge of this but I dont see how these shows have any bearing on whether or not there is a solid sound festival. It makes no sense. For the Vic shows to happen all they need to do is book 2 nights in Tweedy's home city and drive the gear over there. It's not like they have to organize getting 6 people's schedules together for a 2 night run. I would be shocked if these are happening with two Tweedy shows there in march along with the recent 6 night run. I guess even Chicago needs a Wilco break which is disappointing because I would actually rather go to the solo
  3. Can't wait til Thursday wont get my Thirteen but I can keep my fingers crossed for Ripple Hoping for Corduroy Cutoff Girl isnt too far fetched is it?
  4. Will definitely make the effort to walk and if not will donate. Sue you've always been extremely generous and giving....time to return the favor.
  5. Had a great time as always. I can't remember how many ive gone to but its something like 5 of the last 6 years Just curious when the show became a lot of random requests for covers vs tweedy/wilco/tupelo/loose fur etc songs plus songs he's covered before has he ever done pink moon,god, or i'm only sleeping?
  6. These are always sit down shows. I've been to a ton and the floor is always filled with chairs for sitting. There is no standing on the floor or the balcony
  7. I dont get this thread at all. its a great big energy song and hte outro is fantastic. Maybe its the Phish fan in me speaking but i could hear this evernight and hear a 10 min version the guitar line right after "there's blood on my hands, there's blood in the trunk" is perfect Songs I could hear live every show: Impossible Germany, ALTWYS, Impossible Germany, Art of Almost, Spiders Songs I could do without: Jesus Etc, Heavy Metal Drummer, ITMWLY,
  8. To be honest, the difference between gold and getting there early with regular seats isnt much. I dont think i've ever gotten there before 730 and have always ended up with great seats. A few times ended up in the row directly behind the gold circle.
  9. SMRT is what makes this board awesome. what other band forum would this happen on?
  10. Are people really complaining about the shows being during the week? WTF!?! Sue thanks as always. We always look forward to these shows and can't wait for what i think may be our 5th year in a row!!!
  11. anybody want to babysit for me so we can go?
  12. ( . ) ( . ) was just wondering about this show. Missed last year but saw the 3 years before it. Cant wait
  13. D'oh! This is what i get for not checkign viachicago as often as i check my email. Anybody else?
  14. 18 people have viewed this, yet nobody has messaged me with a pair of tickets. C'mon VC
  15. Ok so we got a baby sitter for the 4 month old!!! Now we need two tickets for the show, especially since we're 1/2 a mile from the venue. thanks in advance
  16. Could only go one night, glad I picked Friday!!!!! I would have loved the ALTWYS and would always prefer Acuff Rose to Dreamer in My dreams as the w/o PA closer, but I LOVED this setlist (3/30). 9 or 10 Tweedy firsts for me.
  17. I would hope so. Lolla's a bit annoying and I would rather see more than a 90 to 105 minute set
  18. Is the Monday announcement going to be headlining a night of Lolla? probably
  19. Didnt he do she's a jar last year? I feel like i've heard it a few times between the Letters for santa shows and the benefits. The community song is nothing really, just a montessori theme song: dont quote me on it but here ya go Look around and you will see Family, community we are brothers, sisters, all thats the song
  20. LOL actually i think it was my LC at #29, well technically it was Melissa's, Either way I was happy to hear it are you going tonight? Hope you get it then. Also is the show posted yet?
  21. Bosco: I may have stolen your request lol. But you all can thank me for the Laminated Cat Anyway....as far as what to expect. 60 songs performed by Jeff as requested by 30 people each night. Humorous banter between song. A bunch of great songs and a bnunch of songs that hardcore fans want to hear that are obscure, the community song, and a very good time. Wouldnt expect any guests nor would i want to see/hear them (unless it was glen)
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