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  1. Thank you this wonderful recap. So happy to know they’re back on the road. Did you pick up the 7 inch split single?
  2. That “Sorry” song was amazing. It sure sounded fully formed. Very curious to hear what you find out about it.
  3. It was a very special evening being able to see Jeff and family singing to us loudly again! That said, with the devastating news prior to the show coupled with five months of Covid coping, the entire experience was an emotional rollercoaster. It was a celebration full of mourning and fear of the unknown. The music itself was fantastic and Jeff was in great voice. The entire time I felt shear gratitude, even more then I unusually do during my many other Jeff/Wilco encounters. This one felt so very different for so many reasons that I’m honestly still processing it. Big thanks to the Tweedy fami
  4. Not defending his alleged behavior in the slightest but....go away where exactly? The guy makes music and performs live for a living. Where is he supposed to go exactly? Change his name and move to Siberia? Give up on his whole career? I'm genuinely curious what he could do that would make anyone happy? For me, it would be discussing the allegations in detail from his perspective and making amends with the woman, but i don't expect that to happen and most wouldn't be happy with that anyway. Is it really that he's just done professionally forever? I was looking forward to hearing from him about
  5. As a fan looking into this weekend from the comfort of my couch, I think this was a marvelous idea and from the small videos i've seen, seemed like it was executed wonderfully. Who else but Wilco would do this for their fans? Kudos to all the singers and for the band for making that happen! Very cool. https://www.jambase.com/article/wilco-courtney-barnett-karaoke-solid-sound.
  6. Agreed. I am naive i suppose, but i have such a hard time understanding how someone could write the most personal songs that seem to tap perfectly into the emotional states we all share, yet didn't have the awareness of how his behavior was affecting the ones he supposedly "loved"? A shame indeed.
  7. Seems like everyone here hates the guy but count me in as a fan for over 25 years. It's been a roller-coaster ride to say the least but the voice and the songs always outweighed the behavior for me. Not anymore, obviously. I received a cancellation of the pre-order for his new album ("Due to unforeseen circumstances") in my Inbox yesterday and it hit me hard how profoundly sad this whole thing is for all involved. I hope Ryan can get the help he needs, make amends, and truly apologize to those he has harmed.
  8. Digging this album a lot but today it occurred to me that a lot of it reminds me of Devendra Banhart. Not saying that as a bad thing.....
  9. I was at this show and was so looking forward to this release. Meh. To me it's a B- JGB show. He's not really in strong voice and the tempos are a bit plodding. Highlights are beautiful versions of Dixie Down, Shining Star, and Waiting on a Miracle. The Rubin is nice too. I wouldn't call it a must have and i think there were much hotter shows around this time including the night before in Rosemont.
  10. First one i can think of is the two leads just sitting there listening to "One too Many Mornings" in the film Silver Linings Playbook. Also, the "Tiny Dancer" scene from Almost Famous.
  11. I'm a vinyl freak but having a hard time getting excited about having singles of studio versions of the most popular dead songs taken from albums i already own. Then again....colored vinyl is nice!
  12. As a Deadhead that has purposely ignored Bob's solo stuff, i was just not expecting the quality on this. I know a lot of credit goes to Josh Ritter and The National guys, but I'd say it's more in the vein of Dylan's "Time Out of Mind". The track "Ki-Yi Bossie" is just crazy good!
  13. Anyone else blown away by this new Bob Weir? Stunning production, writing, and vocals. One of my new favorites of the year by far!
  14. I know links are not welcome but did this leak or do you have some advance? Doesn't seem to be in the usual places yet.
  15. Honestly having a hard time listening to this one. I find it almost too emotional. That break in Blackstar when he sings "Something happened on the day he died......" is just shattering to me. I can do his whole catalog but this one is a tough listen right now for me.
  16. The whole thing is on Spotify...if you're into that kind of thing.
  17. It's been over a week and i still can't stop thinking, watching, and listening to Bowie. I think in the past decade people have almost forgotten about him due to his low profile. He was like my best friend since i discovered him around '82. It's been overwhelming to listen to all the albums and see all his changes again. His impact on me and anyone lucky enough to let him in is just staggering. Curiously, when i saw the exhibit in Chicago i thought it was a blast but also a failure in the fact that he is the opposite of a museum piece. He was always such a living and breathing thing and your a
  18. Bob Mould Bob Dylan David Bowie Wilco Yo La Tengo Ryan Adams Anything from Thurston Moore or Lee Renaldo Joanna Newsom Alabama Shakes
  19. And when i saw the amount of off days in-between most of the shows i was certain he would add some. Just an odd tour for him.
  20. I think behind the stages are available because no one wants to pay $100+ to sit there. They should not use those seats being available as a determination that other shows wouldn't sell well. It's frustrating.
  21. How is he only doing one show in Chicago, one in Milwaukee, and only 2 in NYC?? What a weird tour and a bummer for fans who don't want to use Stub Hub.
  22. Looks like pre-sale is gone. I missed it :-(
  23. Seeing them in Madison tomorrow night. One of my favorite bands but hoping the all acoustic thing isn't a let down.
  24. Some Dylan content in it, the Doc Pomus doc is a must see by all!
  25. Is your time that valuable that you can't watch more than 45 seconds of a new Bob Dylan video? Relax and watch it. You might like it. Or not. I thought it was a hoot.
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