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  1. I wish Jim would get homesick and come back to the states and collaborate with Wilco. I imagine the current configuration of Wilco with Jim co-producing/mixing/engineering/sitting in would be simply insane.
  2. I have encountered a 'database' error trying to login on my main account. This appears to be more than a 'bug'. Any ideas?
  3. Nice Notice the little snippet quote from McCartney's 1985 at the beginning. That's one of the things that I loved about Jay...his sense of playfulness.
  4. Is this category even included in the broadcast?
  5. It's not a stinking Texas A&M football game where you are required to stand. It's a rock concert. Sometimes you want to stand and groove, dance or scream. Sometimes you want to sit and enoy. YOU are not going to dictate to me how I am going to enjoy a show. And I won't tell you to sit down when I'm sitting. I will probably stand and groove with you.
  6. He certainly isn't know for his well coifed appearance
  7. Well, he's got one thing going for him. Kate Hudson didn't ruin his life.
  8. Is this for the Horrible Crowes record? (I am seeing the dreaded red x in a box.)
  9. Maybe we can now refer the "Red Sox" nation as "The NEW evil empire". This kind of stuff can't be good for baseball...it just can't be.
  10. I used to like winter time...cold weather and the like. But I find that the low position of the sun on the horizon and the short days have an adverse impact on my moods and emotions.
  11. 'Alot' means 'tough' in Indonesian. In English it means 'I'm semi-literate at best.'
  12. Surely a sad thing. It's interesting that geniuses are often difficult and troubled people. Jay seemed a gentle soul. It's sad that things never got reconciled between Jay and Jeff. Especially sad that every story seems to mention the litigation as the closing item. I certainly hope his legacy will be the magnificent musical collaboration and not the acrimony that ended it.
  13. Hell...if I got a passport, then I can't imagine why anybody would have trouble getting one.
  14. Crap. If those are dentures..fuck. If they are implants...double fuck. Couldn't he spring an extra grand or so for the white ones instead of the tobacco stained yellow ones?
  15. In looking at the timing of things (The Portugese guys seeing the electromagnetic discharge and reporting it to Penny, Penny's boat showing up at the island...), I think that Penny know a LOT more about things that are going on than we have been shown.
  16. Plus...just a bit of stereotyping here don't ya think. So he's gotta be Radzinsky cause he wears glasses, is poorly shaved and is bald?
  17. Hurley would have recognized him in 1977.
  18. Just the impression I'm getting.
  19. I am getting the feeling that it is a mark of uber fandom around here to be disappointed with EVERY Wilco release that isn't YHF. Are you guys too cool to just enjoy music? Sorry. That isn't fair. But I am new enough here to not know the pecking order and understand a lot of the dynamics around here that read like extremem snarkiness. But I have been turining on people that I work with (including former touring musicians and 60ish fans) to the new CD. And is anecdotal evidence means anything, I have yet to hear any negative opinions. Except for here. Just saying...
  20. Uh...would that be US? LOL...score
  21. I can't imagine you guys are selfconcious enought to think about this. If I find myself singing along, I don't wallow in ennui or hipsterness. I just fucking sing. And I will be doing it on loud nubers where everybody else is singing. Now the really irritating shit? How about the hippy/hipsters who feel the need to hippy dance to some obscure opening act that lookslike they have been sleeping under a bridge before the show and have to clear a 40sqft circle around them because they are twirl dancing. Goddamnit but i HATE what MDMA has done to the behavior of folks who get high at shows. Ye
  22. After reading the synopsis of The Invention of Morel, I can some really interesting possibilites that could tie into the story of our heroes. I like the comment about Jacob and the other guy being avatars of some greater biengs. If Locke is really Deady McDirtnap, then his doppleganger must be an avatar because he has the memories of the dead Locke. But what will happen to the essence of the being that occupied the physical body known as Jacob? Better watch out Frank...
  23. Stern is such a narcissistic egoist that he cannot comprehend why he isn't REALLY the king of all media.
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