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  1. No references to any of ‘em being on a new record. And if I’m being honest a couple of ‘em i hope are in the early stages if they’re to become something more permanent. Lou Reed Was My Babysitter was fantastically wonderful though.
  2. i agree. I always liked Joe Morgan, he and Jon Miller are way better than that Fox team, that was painful. but still my Giants won and i'm still basking in that glowed that formed a week ago!
  3. my buddy just posted his photos from the show. some really nice ones... ah the joys of a photo pass: http://bobbayne.com/wilco-at-the-orpheum-10-10-09/
  4. i just want to 2nd, 3rd, or 4th, etc. anyone that has said Black Eye. I miss that song.
  5. oh great now reuters is reporting on tmz's report and also claiming him to be dead. not sure if it helps them be more legitimate, but it does let them say they were the first to report it.
  6. it is funny tmz is the only one willing to publish he died. they don't care if they end up being wrong as long as it makes a better story for the moment.
  7. great to hear. love the bridge school, it's a special two days. sorry to have missed it this year.
  8. F yeah! Excuse my language but i love gordo's. my personal favorite location is the one on 24th and Clement. right around the corner from where i grew up and i still haven't found a place that tops it. whenever i get home i probably have it for at least once a day and usually sneak it in at least twice during one of the days. boy i miss that place. i think that just about solidifies outside lands the best festival out there.
  9. stealing a page out of the white stripes tour book, but i love it. more bands should reward those living in alaska.
  10. i'd had my tickets to the show for weeks, it was packed in there and absolutely sweltering, but a damn nice show. i might have an extra for tonight's, send me a pm if you're still in need.
  11. love that review, especially the ending, too funny and almost the exact same sentiments i expressed when sharing both albums with a couple friends.
  12. is there something going on with the warfield i don't know about? or is phil hanging it up? the article talks about closing out a 28 year history with the venue and that leads me to such questions... i sure hope it's not going anywhere.
  13. i missed my handsome furs show last night (one of the guys from wolf parade) due to other social responsibilities, kinda bummed, but the last two times i saw them they were great.
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