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  1. Thanks, I should be receiving my package this Friday, according to amazon's estimate. I've read many positive reviews of the album that I'm really looking forward to that first listen.
  2. I ordered both CD and LP, though I haven't received them yet - can't wait to give the album a listen.
  3. I remember some of Gorbachev's Politburo meetings on television, military parades, François Mitterrand, Reagan, Central America guerilla, mostly Cold War stories, Gorbachev was on the cover of several magazines my father read.
  4. Robyn Hitchcock has moved to Nashville. He does a lot of traveling: England, Australia (even South Africa in the last few months) and then across the United States (i.e. Seattle) but his residence for the time being is Nashville where he's writing/recording the album.
  5. Hi, thank you for playing the two songs!
  6. Have you played "When atheists start to pray?" or "Turn up the mains" from his recent albums?
  7. D.O.A. Girl Trouble The Revelons Dan Baird & Homemade Sin
  8. Several musicians, most of whom are Nashville based, will make an appearance on the next Robyn Hitchcock album -for the purpose of this forum I decided to highlight the name of Pat Sansone. Although a few of the album's songs are already streaming in demo mode in several websites, and are being played live in concert by both Hitchcock and Australian singer Emma Swift, little is known of the album, except that it's being finished later in the year and that it's being written and recorded in Nashville, TN with Brendan Benson as producer. This article from early June mentions Sansone as one o
  9. "Kenneth" is a very powerful song, and "Strange Currences" is beautiful and melodic (the latter sounds like a cut from Automatic for the People) while "Bang a Blame" is cool, pleasant and catchy. Other than those three songs, the rest of the album is either too noisy, distorted or simply disgusting ("tongue" being the worst offender). I'd never consider selling my copy of Monster, it's part of my R.E.M. collection, but please don't ever make me listen to "tongue" again!
  10. It's the one music band that everyone thinks everybody likes. Think of pop soda? The first product that comes to mind is Coca-Cola. Think of jeans, pizza or shampoo? Levi's, Domino's and Head and Shoulders. Remember what they said of computer professionals, that nobody will ever be criticised for purchasing IBM computers or software? So, I think very much the general sentiment is that everyone likes U2 and is more or less the favourite band of almost every regular person out there. That's why Apple felt it correct to put the album in people's download libraries without asking.
  11. vinyl listing on amazon U.K: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Songs-Of-Innocence-VINYL-U2/dp/B00NI5RHT6/
  12. Agreed, but I still find it hard to believe, this irrelevancy. This has always been the "one-size-fits-all" band, so much has been spent in marketing, merchandising, touring, and all of a sudden they're total strangers to a sizeable population. Despite disappointing sales of the past few albums, I still expected the U2 brand to continue strong for a few more years. Maybe they're only visible when they tour? Many bands have fallen into oblivion: R.E.M. as an example, but those were never branded as the biggest on the planet, and they never had U2's ambitions, so it shouldn't come as a surpris
  13. Sorry, I'm just a casual listener who happens to like a couple of albums while those two albums you mention, from what I know, are considered doctrinal by diehard fans. I must confess that I'm a bit perplexed by the "who the heck is U2?" campaign started by teenagers on "social networks". It's hard to believe given that at various points in the past decade, and in the 90s, U2 have been omnipresent and have been considered by everyone "the biggest band on the planet". And yet it's another clear sign that the band is becoming more and more irrelevant and their future legacy is compromised as t
  14. On the rare occasions that I play U2 it's either "All that you can't leave behind" or "Zooropa", but nothing else. I gave a couple of listens to this new album but I still prefer ATYCLB, I think it has aged pretty well. But a new U2 album is always good news to folks in the music industry. It means a new cycle of touring and fans buying all sorts of merchandise and special editions.
  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Nml0v-GlHw
  16. Yes, I'm sympathetic to this band, I recently ordered most of their discography, although the vendor did email me that one title they could not fulfill, I believe it was Too much guitar, I'm going to have to continue searching elsewhere.
  17. It's actually my first album I buy of theirs, I like it, especially the opening song, they did a really great job, most bands don't deliver this type of sound this late in their careers. I'm not sure yet whether I'll revisit some of the older albums, maybe I will but some other time, at present I'm enjoying these songs and playing them loud, great band. I'm also looking forward to Rhett's next solo album.
  18. I've seen many a website refer to the combination of Farrar/Johnson/Parker/Yames as a band entity, I understand "New Multitudes" isn't the name of a band or supergroup, it's only the title of the album. While listening to an automated playlist the album Telegraph Canyon came up, another Will Johnson project it appears, not a bad CD, definitely has its moments.
  19. Sorry, that was not the intention to call anyone a commie. As I understand the expression, it can be used to describe any sort of ruling class, or majority, whether socialist, capitalist or whatever, it's just a group of people who are more powerful than the average folk. So it was a methapor to describe a majority of the population, who adore the Beatles, and the minority of people, who do not, but probably I should just stop here as I don't want to offend anyone. As I said before, anyone is free to have their own band preferences, but in general terms, I think, people who confess their d
  20. It's all correct, I'm not complaining if the post was deleted, if I don't like the Beatles or X band then the appropriate thing to do is refrain from posting in that band's thread, let the fans of the band post in it, I had no business posting there in the first place. Sometimes it's a good idea to just stay away from the nomenklatura.
  21. Fortunately or unfortunately the Beatles carry so much weight in all aspects of the music business. Once on this forum I had one of my posts deleted because I said that I didn't (don't) like them (hopefully this one won't be deleted) ever since I have refrained from mentioning the band here or in any other forum, just abstain from all Beatles discussions (in a spirit of live and let live). I truly understand the love people have for such a legendary band, that enthusiasm should not be much different from the passion and commitment that I have for my favourite bands. I think next year if everyt
  22. that's actually a practical and objective method.
  23. I have a group of 5-6 favourite bands of which I own most, if not all of the discography -but I don't have one favourite band. Personnel of these bands is interchangeable: the lead guitarist often appears as bassist, second guitarist, or still lead guitarist with all of the other 5 bands (or even appears as producer). Likewise, the drummer has the permanent sit with 3-4 of the bands, tours occasionally with the other 3 or appears as guest in random albums, but it's a core group of people that I follow, perhaps not the bands themselves. Bands are legal entities that remain in service for
  24. My niece and nephew know the entire Maroon 5 / overexposed from beginning to end and seem to be familiar with the lyrics of all songs. My niece first played a Black Eyed Peas song for me in 2009 (perhaps that song Jeff Tweedy covered?) But at the time she played that for me I had no idea who these Eyed Peas were, nor I had the most remote interest in their music (that hasn't changed to this day). She also discussed Fergie and seemed knowledgeable in the subject. She may or may not have mentioned Miley Cirus. I'm glad I'm not part of that music generation. (Although I tend to believe that
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