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  1. Definitely jelly (I think that term is still in circulation). I love that someone asked him to play Smile (in reference to last year's question, what song would he would to play).
  2. Why so few songs? Did 30 people not brave the weather to get their requests in?
  3. Am I the only one who thinks Flatness is the best Tweedy song on this album, not Screen Door?
  4. Maybe the density of the crowd was bad where others were, but I was about 3 rows of humans back on Nels side, and it wasn't crowded at all. I mean, maybe I'm just used to indoor shows at venues as opposed to festival shows, but it was a warm, muggy night, and I'm sure I would sure I would remember standing nuts-to-butts with other stinky Wilco fans. Still, found it confusing that as the band was playing there were still unfolded chairs strewn about with no one sitting in them. Maybe there would have been more room if people put the chairs away as were more considerate of those around them.
  5. Jeez, such a heated thread! To anyone who was disappointed by the set, know that you probably have mostly Wilco fans like myself to blame for this calamity, but there was a good chance you could have seen it coming if you're on VC and peeked at the thread. On the bright side, they didn't go for some of the more far-out requests. While I too dream of a time where Wilco will play their greatest hits (ie, all songs from UT, AM and BT) again, this will likely never happen, because there's a limited audience that would appreciate it, even amongst Wilco fans. Remember that they weren't selling o
  6. I would like to believe that Cabin Fever is not the standard by which we pick our in-line whiskies.
  7. Yes, all of these things you say are facts. For me, I think that from the moment Amber and I got in line til the end of the 2nd night, it was just like being in this clip: For anyone who hasn't done on of these shows before, I have to say that it was one of the most amazing experiences I've had (awake or asleep). I had been in line early at a couple Wilco shows before this, but this was the first show where I got to meet some real fans of Jeff Tweedy and the band, and it was a ton of fun just exchanging stories and getting to know you people. I'm a pretty social person (I'm discove
  8. I also get annoyed with the flashes and the recording, but at the same time, maybe we should try and take a page out of Jeff's book. Ranting on this site (and I'm guilty of it as well) about people who do that sorta thing is ... well ... I guess it's just to get a load off. They're not reading this, and even if they do they won't change. We all need to sing the Community Song to ourselves a little more, and maybe we'll all be a little less annoyed. On a side note, I had a great time at both shows, from meeting everyone in line, to nearly getting hit by a car as I fetched a box out of the
  9. Day after tomorrow. Yeah, that definitely makes more sense. It's not like this is a new iPhone launch.
  10. Looking forward to meeting other VCers tomorrow. It looks like the weather is supposed to be crappy (no offense to Chicagoans, but I'm coming from California), but I should be in line early to ensure that I can have my request played (assuming he's doing it this year). I'll be wearing a faux leather jacket with a grey hoodie. Come say hi! Rodion
  11. Is "My Darling" widely considered to be a Jay Bennett song? I noticed they stopped playing it in 1999 (save two shows in 2008).
  12. http://www.owlandbear.com/wilco-archive/ http://youtube.com + http://keepvid.com
  13. For me, the great thing about Wilco being so open to audio recordings is that JB is gone but not forgotten. A lot of the guitar solos, the stupid things he would say, the "Corky Sunflowers" will live on in those recordings. A friend of mine introduced Wilco to a friend and he just couldn't get behind Nels. When she played him a shows form the 90's, he immediately knew that JB was a guitarist he could like. I think that Nels does some amazing things for the band, but I miss the era of 20 different versions of Passenger Side. I just don't think that Nels has that in him, no offense. He bri
  14. I'm not attacking anyone, but unless you're standing behind me, you're probably bothering me with the screen glow. Unless you're in the back of the venue, you're probably bothering someone. And if you're at a Wilco show, you're probably doing something the band doesn't really like.
  15. I was at a Band of Horses show where the lead singer flipped out at people recording him with their cell phones/point-and-shoot cameras when they played The Funeral. I didn't get why he flipped out (and subsequently apologized), but I do honestly believe that people who take pictures/videos during a concert are being bad fans. I think they're ruining the experience for those around them and not really enjoying the show in the moment. And for what? For a grain video or underexposed photograph? If you want to prove you were at a show, take a picture of the billboard or the ticket. When you
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