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  1. You have to have the "bad" to know know what good/great is... what if everybody sounded the same?! IMHO
  2. BOC "Don't Fear The Reaper" ...........
  3. Neil is doing solo shows now, at about $300.00 a ticket (face). Love Neil but $300.00 ! I might pull the trigger if I knew he was going to play a bunch of "deep-cuts"....but his shows seem to be mostly his "hits". That being said he did play a cover of GL "If you could read my mind" that was pretty cool. Now if Bob and Neil were to do a show together and sing and play together, I would pay $300.00 for that....just saying
  4. Love 10cc, "The Original Soundtrack" great album....very pop feel from the 70's, good stuff.
  5. Flight 370 is very sad, I can't imagine not knowing really anything about your loved ones....we do all tend to live in our "own little world", but when something like this happens it's just heartbreaking.... wishing peace and good thoughts to all.
  6. Going to the Largo to see Benmont Tench record release party 3 weeks from Today!
  7. Hearing Jeff do this by himself is pretty intense....listen to it solo if you can.
  8. This was my first Jeff "solo" show, like others I got shut out in LA, so we took the train to SB. We had a great time making a trip out of it. As far as the show: I thought Jeff was in great mood ...at first...loved the old songs. Then BBN , Jeff was tearing it up. But the show did kind of change. Overall I had a great time...
  9. So for the Largo shows in LA there isn't a pre-sale....we just go to the Largo site on Friday? Never been to a Solo show........this would be sweet.
  10. This was on Saturday and I'm still in shock.....I loved it all...yes Dylan too. Thanks for one the best shows I've seen.
  11. Bad Karma for Mr Lewis. I saw the Boomtown Rats in the 80's and Bob Geldof got hit with a bottle in the middle of "I don't like Monday's". You could see the blood flying out of his mouth as it hit him....He yelled at the crowd for a few..and then went right back to the song...I'll never forget.
  12. Trouble in La La land...I guess Saturday's show didn't go so well....too many people on the GA Floor. Fire Marshall had to close them down about 20-30 minutes early. Tom tried to get people to go upstairs but no luck. That's really a drag....However Thursday show was pretty damn good. Don't want to blow the set list for anybody.
  13. Going to see Tom and company in LA at the small Fonda Theater...he's changing his set list up. Should be a cool show at a small place. Anyone else going?
  14. " ..the full moon shinning off a Camero's hood. "
  15. First you have to be in the fan club($45.00) then you have to put you name in for the lottery, if your name is picked the you go to the pre-sale and hope it dosen't sell out before they get to you....but it worked so it's all good!
  16. Yes pre-sale with a crazy lottery system...the code can only be used once for 2 tickets W/C only.
  17. TP&THB are a great band live...just got 2 GA for one of the LA shows....gotta book a room now.
  18. I think it was a swastika.....saw them in Anaheim that year.
  19. Just saw Elvis last night in Irvine Ca. Barkley Theater only 720 seats. Just Elvis. If you get a chance to seem him solo do it! Opened with "Angels want to wear my red shoes" I'm dog tired but it was so worth it.
  20. Love the "new" album with Crazy Horse...but I love everything they do.....Hollywood Bowl watch out... with Los Lobos!
  21. Go back and listen to "The Art of Almost" and "One Sunday Morning" two of my favs but I don't think they get much airplay.
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