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  1. Hey all! Happy birthday VC!!! I usually pop in to read the big bboppers recaps but I've made so many friends bc of this band. This forum has always been so civil so cheers to another 20!
  2. are you the same Sarah C that got to sing with Jeff earlier this month or last month?
  3. Wilco IS going to Brazil! Has anyone checked in on our Brazilian friends? Are they done freaking out? I'm excited for them!
  4. I noticed the fee difference as well...very odd. I'm in Chicago and had the print at home or delivery, I like that little stub so I opted for delivery.
  5. There's really something comforting about logging in first thing at work and reading bböp's recaps. Welcome back, Wilco! and Bböp!
  6. YESSSSS!!!!! Since the benefit shows are an annual tradition, maybe if we ask nicely we can make the Winterlude a regular thing...?
  7. I was up in the balcony and the horns were a bit lost in the mix. Hopefully this is balanced out more in the Roadcase.
  8. Pieholden...OMG! Maybe I'm just a hor-motional mess right now but I was so giddy during that song. And I was the one shouting "You betta SANG, John" during the super special treat we got from him.
  9. Tonight was something special. Any word on whether these Winterlude shows will end up as Roadcases in the store?
  10. Be-Ah

    Love for Susie

    Cancer is The Worst, Susie is The Bestest. If anyone can kick cancer's ass it's her. Also, is it bad to say I'm a bigger fan of Susie's than Jeff's? As a kid who grew up in Chicago and couldn't manage to sneak into Lounge Ax with a baby face and a fake ID, to me she'll always be the biggest rock star in the Tweedy family.
  11. Who knew Jeff was so good at charades?!!!
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