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  1. I'll be there! Definitely planning on getting there early, I imagine that it will pack in quickly.
  2. you can download flac from bandcamp, not sure if it's 24 or 16 bit though
  3. Yep, he's a wizard. That tune may have given me some flashbacks, especially when he started doing some pedal magic to add a little ambiance...he's worked with a bunch of people in the Wilco-related scene, playing on some of the Steve Gunn and Joan Shelley records (among many others).
  4. Great write up! White Wooden Cross made me cry -- I can't wait to hear the recorded version on Warmer. I don't have much to add other than that he brought out the Kel Kroydon for the encore, I think after Don't Forget. I wish that I could have made it to the Grimey's show as well, but I'm taking the rest of this week work for Big Ears festival the rest of this week and couldn't justify taking a long lunch.
  5. just snagged 2 in row b (behind the first 4 orchestra pit rows) for nashville. can't wait
  6. https://samevian.bandcamp.com/album/premium https://crumbtheband.bandcamp.com/album/locket https://bedouine.bandcamp.com/
  7. It's such a great record, been on repeat for me since it was released. Catch them live if you have the chance, their set at Big Ears was phenomenal
  8. Really great recap. I wish the crowd had been more engaged, but part of me really enjoyed the chance to sit down, relax, and enjoy the set after walking from show to show all day.
  9. I wouldn't recommend getting something with built in speakers...u-turn audio makes great turntables at an entry level price point so you can invest in a decent stereo: https://uturnaudio.com/
  10. Behind Solid Sound, Big Ears is the best festival in America imo
  11. Andy Shauf and Kevin Morby put out two of my favorite records last year, I can't wait to see them at SS.
  12. http://quindar.net/ The Quindar website has Solid Sound listed in their upcoming dates...hopefully an official lineup announcement is coming soon!
  13. Does anyone know if they'll be doing the shuttle from NYC again this year?
  14. The Premiere and VIP passes get you priority access to the venues. Otherwise you'll just need to get to the show early. I never had any trouble getting a spot for headliners at past Big Ears with a GA pass, but I haven't been since 2014.
  15. Just announced today that Quindar was added to the lineup as well as a collaboration between Jeff Tweedy and Chikamorachi (Darin Gray and Chris Corsano)
  16. This will be my second Solid Sound, but I'm planning on camping this year rather than stay off site. Did camping passes sell out quickly last time?
  17. Hey hey, It looks like the facebook login feature isn't working anymore. I'm seeing an error stating that the app has been deleted. No big deal since I can still log in using my username and password, but I wanted to make the team aware if they aren't already.
  18. This might not be the case...last year both Andrew Bird and Yo La Tengo played Nashville shows and Big Ears in the same week. Other than Solid Sound, Big Ears is by far my favorite festival...definitely a good fit for Wilco. There was actually a fair amount of overlap between Big Ears and SS lineups in 2015. Nels and Glenn have played it in the past so I feel like adding Wilco to the bill has been a long time coming.
  19. I might have watched the entire season in one day...
  20. I usually listen to comedy podcasts during my commute to and from work (using the Pocket Casts app on Android) music all day at work, on headphones using spotify or sometimes vox for my flac library at home, either LPs on the turntable or spotify via chromecast audio through my stereo
  21. This show was some of the best I've ever heard from the band, especially Nels. Spiders was incredible!
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