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  1. It wasn't Ticketmaster. It was the venue.
  2. I work for Ticketmaster so I can explain. I also have tickets for both shows and my orders were cancelled as well. This venue tries to identify scalpers by looking at orders from out of state and cancelling the tickets. That's what they did here. Fortunately my office works with the Bijou Theatre so I talked to our rep who works with them to get the story and get everything sorted out.
  3. I've had good luck going to the Fox box office instead of buying online but I figured they couldn't help today since it was just a presale. Did you call them or go by the box office?
  4. I'll be in Chicago for the other three shows. Looking for lower level as close as possible. PM me, willing to meet near the venue anytime next week starting Wednesday
  5. Ended up getting a single on the aisle on the main floor, low rows for Wednesday and Thursday. Saturday it put me in one of the "boxes" in the first row of the balcony. Can't complain
  6. I'm just looking for a single for every show and I'm getting nothing
  7. I've flown in to Midway mid-February before and it was fine. They're prepared even with snow on the ground.
  8. I did the same MT/ID trip last summer and the Sandpoint show was by far my least favorite because of the setup. Loved seeing that little town but ugh, yeah those people need to get out of their folding chairs and have some fun
  9. Brainiac - February 1997 - The basement of a music building at Georgia Tech. Tim Taylor died three months later. Catherine Wheel - July 2000 - They played over 2 and a half hours and I was mesmerized the whole time. The Replacements - Shaky Knees Festival - May 2014 - Got on the rail between Tommy & Paul, epic rain storm about 30 minutes before they went on stage Failure/Hum/Torche - Jacksonville - October 2015 - Three of my favorite bands on the same bill in front of about 300 people. First Failure show with Troy in 19 years. Converge/Cave In/Dillinger Escape Plan - January 1999 - There
  10. One time at a show at The Point someone came up behind my brother during the band's first song and just ripped his T-shirt off him. I have no idea why but it turned out hilarious since he was standing there the whole show without a shirt on.
  11. A couple of points for myself: - This was my 8th show but the first in the city I live. I've been to the Tabernacle dozens of times over the years and thought it was a great venue for the band. - The omission of an electric encore and the dive straight into the hootenanny was a little surprising. Some of my favorite memories over the last year and a half have been some of the crazy stuff they'll pull out during that electric encore (The Lonely 1, Just a Kid, Dark Neon to mention a few) - I had a seat in the front row of the first level and it was the first time I haven't been down front
  12. Boston shows are up! http://wilco.kungfustore.com/roadcase/roadcase-052-january-29-2016-boston-ma-wilr52.html http://wilco.kungfustore.com/roadcase/roadcase-053-january-30-2016-boston-ma-wilr53.html
  13. I have GA ticket I'm trying to get rid of. Hard ticket, I will meet you outside the venue before the show. $45. Reply here or message me
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