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  1. That opening "Alright" sounds just like the "Alright" that Jeff uses so often in his stage banter.
  2. It was indeed a Nels showcase last night, he was completely on top form. Good work on the beach balls too!
  3. Real Estate were great in the field, not totally my thing but perfect for an early summer evening. What I really liked was their later improv set in the courtyard, trippy instrumentals with trippy video on twelve giant screens.
  4. Correct. Pat and Mike also both played melodica at times, Pat played glockenspiel, Nels played dobro, mandolin, Steel and Spanish guitar. John played acoustic bass, 6 string and (I think) 12 string.
  5. Loved it from slightly to the right of the middle of Joe's Field.
  6. Maybe leave some kind of visitor book so we can at least leave a note if we stop by and there's no-one home?
  7. Ha! That would be a cool finish, but no...
  8. Just watched it - as a 2015 newbie, it was great to see and get a sense of how very different it is from the typical festival. Very well done and now very excited for next weekend. Oh yeah and that last song? Perfect..a dear old favorite and a great fit for that spot in the movie.
  9. How's this for a long weekend? Thursday - drive Fort Wayne, IN > Buffalo, NYThursday night - see Spoon in BuffaloFriday am - drive Buffalo > North Adams, MAFriday thro' Sunday - Solid SoundMonday - drive North Adams > Akron, OHMonday night - see Morrissey in AkronTuesday > drive home Akron > Fort WayneSleep.
  10. ^^ thanks for sharing this, as a newbie it is useful. Two questions: (a) how close is Solid Ground camping to Mass MOCA? Seems like it's right door but I thought they said it was a 15 minute walk ( where is Joe's Field on this map?
  11. Nice thread, glad it got bumped. Nothing to add on Neil (Waging Heavy Peace was OK, I agree it got very boring on Pono) but I do want to recommend Joe Jackson's A Cure For Gravity; while JJ may not be the biggest star (especially here in the US), his book is very well done and thoughtful. Also recommended - Redemption Song: The Ballad of Joe Strummer by Chris Salewicz
  12. 120 to Indy last month, 733 later this month to Solid Sound (driving).
  13. Joe Strummer (post-Clash) Global A Go-Go Streetcore The Road to Rock'n'Roll Bhindi Bhagee Johnny Appleseed
  14. Mogwai Young Team Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will Hunted By A Freak Like Herod Mogwai Fear Satan
  15. Boris supported Nine Inch Nails here a few years ago and (in my opinion) totally blew NIN away.
  16. The Hootenanny in Indianapolis was plenty loud enough to fill the theater (I was up in the gallery), and one of the announcements did clarify that it's "unplugged (but amplified)" or something like that.
  17. $46 for all three on Popmarket until 12:00 ET Saturday: https://www.popmarket.com/popmarket/details/28789781?feature_id=117455090&cid=nl%3A1133164727&utm_medium=email&utm_source=generator-popmarket&utm_campaign=email%7C1133164727%7C20150521&utm_content=nllink-438b949d-I%20Want%20This Not spamming, I have no connection with Popmarket, just a regular customer. (Mods - please delete if inappropriate)
  18. Thanks. Weird to think that that book is now about as old as much of the music was when Julian wrote it.
  19. I saw that too. It was mighty fine show and I'll certainly pick it up when it's available. Is there a mailing list to get alerts for Roadcase releases? I'm currently on night 4 of the Winterlude shows and loving them...
  20. My suggestion? Start with Can - Tago Mago
  21. I've been enjoying this "Under The Influence" series from Noisey, but why share the Krautrock edition here? Because Jeff and Spencer make an appearance (around 18:30) explaining how Spiders (Kidsmoke) is essentially a Krautrock track, and why. Watch for extra father:son cuteness (and subliminal Converse ads). Under The Influence - Krautrock There are further episodes covering Ska/Two Tone and Hardcore, with more to follow. Narrated by Tim Armstrong, a man who deserves some kind of lifetime achievement award for all he's done...
  22. 1976-2015 (14 to 52) The Clash Others will rise and fall but The Clash will be a constant. I can never spin the Clash without reliving that thrill, the only exceptions are the over played radio tracks (London Calling, I Fought The Law and SISOSIG).
  23. No energy for a detailed review but an excellent show. 2 hrs 20 mins with a similar set list to those posted recently. This was the show initially cancelled when my fellow Hoosiers took it into their heads to pass a "Religious Freedom" law, since modified; the marquee tonight read " Everyone is Welcome". Steve Gunn was mighty fine, too.
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