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  1. Oops... I need to make it a habit to look at your recaps before I update the spreadsheet. Just looked at your notes. I called the new song "Sing In The Choir." I'll go back and change it to match your recap. (Trying to keep everything in sync.)
  2. Interesting. Goes to show how opinions differ. Her performance almost ruined the show for me. IMO she seemed totally cartoonish compared to the other actors/characters. Still, great show.
  3. I don’t know if fried ravioli originated in St. Louis or not, but I can attest to the fact that it’s readily available in Hackettstown, NJ.
  4. I'm montysmith.is.brickpig on instagram. I'll look you up right now....
  5. Yeah, it's very cool that she makes sure to number the videos according to your recaps. The whole little micro-culture around this show is just so great.
  6. In the beginning I thought the comments were really distracting, but at that point I had not foreseen what an amazing community was going to grow around the show. I hardly ever post anything, but now I really enjoy "keeping in touch" with everybody. I just hate now that we have essentially choose the comments or the video. My wife and I AirPlay the show to our TV, but even so the video was really small last night if we maximized the comments. This strikes me as the Facebook philosophy of re-design, which IMO amounts to changing things for no reason other than the sake of changing them.
  7. We had the new format. I think this is going to be one of those updates IG kicks out without us having any control over it. Like the white hearts. And it will just get rolled out gradually to everyone. It's not great. I mean, with the original format sometimes I found myself getting too caught up in reading the comments, too the point that I would lose track of the actual show. But at least I had the option of seeing all the comments if I wanted, or ignoring them if I didn't want to read them. With the new format, you almost can't read the comments unless you make the video image really tiny at the top of the screen.
  8. Yeah, in my mind I see it as CHIn: UP
  9. I wasn't able to make it through the first Borat movie. Not even going to attempt a second one. In response to ih8music's post from 10/22 about Lovecraft Country: Yes I watched, and LOVED it. I don't recall ever being simultaneously so confused and so consumed by anything that wasn't a David Lynch project. So much fun.
  10. I thought it was interesting that Sammy said he had never heard Jeff play Plateau, since he's played it twice before on the show. I guess those previous times he must have played it before Sammy came in the room.
  11. This is correct. It was an acoustic bass.
  12. I'm always so happy when I find out someone else appreciates Yoko's music as much as my wife and I do.
  13. That little tidbit about Reincarnation is great!
  14. I'm almost 100% sure the childrens' song is Clean Up Song by ELF Learning. I was googling while they were singing, and just as they were finishing I found lyrics that I believe were a match. Just googled it again, and I'm pretty confident it's right. There was no mention of Romper Room in what I read, but there is a Romper Room video that showed up in the search results. I assume they're singing a clean up song of some sort, but I'm at work right now and can't watch/listen. (Which is also why I can't check last night's episode to confirm the song.) It is also well within the realm of possibility that I am the only person who cares. But I figure, I put Wheels On The Bus on the spreadsheet; why wouldn't I put this one on, too?
  15. Totally agreed. This is not one I expected to hear as solo acoustic. Loved it.
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