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  1. A few that come to mind off the top of my head that I haven't seen mentioned: k.d. lang Amy Winehouse Ella Fitzgerald (maybe the most beautiful female voice ever, IMO) Patty Loveless Valerie June
  2. Sarah Shook & The Disarmers, "Revelations" on 3/29 Whatever Blind Pilot has in the pipeline, whenever that happens. EDIT: The one release I was probably most looking forward to this year (so far) actually came out Friday: the Painting With John soundtrack from John Lurie.
  3. I'm kinda distracted by the knife. Love that handle.
  4. Ode To Joy bowled me (and my wife) over right out of the gate. We put it on repeat throughout the house via our Sonos system, and literally listened to it every waking minute that first weekend it was released. Cruel Country was nearly the same. Unfortunately Cousin isn’t really grabbing me much. I don’t hate it, of course, but I also don’t love it. The first 90 seconds of Pittsburg is off-the-charts good, but after listening through 16 or 17 times, nothing else has made me sit up and take notice. But that’s totally fine. I don’t expect to love every record a band makes.
  5. Song List has been fixed. This led me to find a couple other corrections that needed to be made, as well. Please do notify me if/when you find discrepancies.
  6. Just now seeing this. I haven’t been keeping up with my social media lurking lately. My guess is that I have it on the list as some other title, before Jeff announced it (or before we all saw it in the Cousin track listings). When I have some time, I’ll try to sort it out. Thanks for the heads-up.
  7. Ooohhhh. OK. Things are making sense now. Got it. Thanks for the clarification.
  8. Oh, ok. Then I guess I just don't know which song you're talking about.
  9. After reading through these last few posts, I'm a little confused about why there's confusion about the name of the new song. But for what it's worth, on the spreadsheet I listed the new song from this Tweedy Show (#218) as "Evicted From Your Heart" because a) he repeats the line over and over in the song, b) both @u2roolz and @bböp listed it as such in their lists, and c) that's what it says on Wilcoworld.net.
  10. On the spreadsheet I made the notation "(twice)" for all of these except Reincarnation.
  11. Thanks for writing this, Paul. Perfectly sums up my feelings about the show. I will admit I expected a longer show, of course, but at the same time, I don’t feel ripped off or disappointed in any way. We saw one of the best bands out there today play the most iconic record in their catalog. As the promo said, “That’s it.” I’m cool with it. I’m sorry others feel so disappointed.
  12. I would guess not. That's the same photo they used for last night's episode. Also, except for the few times they've done the show from out on the road, it has been a very, very long time since they did shows on two nights in a row.
  13. I know it wasn't "officially" an episode of The Tweedy Show last night, and I don't know how long the stream will be available to watch on Instagram. Or if it will be saved somewhere for posterity. But in the interest of complete-ness I felt compelled to add the songs from last night to the spreadsheet. So they are listed separately, aaaallllllll the way down at the bottom of the list under their own heading.
  14. I appreciate the accolades, but seriously, all the real credit goes to @u2roolz. The two or three times I filled in for him really showed me how truly dedicated he’s been to this project. It’s fairly easy for me to jot down the songs they play and then type them into the spreadsheet the next morning. Trying to catch everything they talk about, the client comments they’re responding to, and all the other nuances @u2roolz captures in these recaps is a next-level commitment. My hat is off to him.
  15. The Tweedy Show, Thursday July 29, Episode 200 -Show opens with Jeff welcoming everyone to episode #200 while sitting in the bathtub, as in episodes 1 and 100. -He wonders if he should do an entire show of Paul's requests, and asks Paul if he has any requests. -Camera pans left to reveal Paul sitting in the tub at the other end. He says he does have requests. -Susie and Spencer go downstairs and call Peter on the PedroBot while Jeff and Paul change into dry clothes. -Jeff puts workboots on without socks. That's How I Got To Memphis (Tom T. Hall cover sung by Spenc
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