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  1. I know it wasn't "officially" an episode of The Tweedy Show last night, and I don't know how long the stream will be available to watch on Instagram. Or if it will be saved somewhere for posterity. But in the interest of complete-ness I felt compelled to add the songs from last night to the spreadsheet. So they are listed separately, aaaallllllll the way down at the bottom of the list under their own heading.
  2. I appreciate the accolades, but seriously, all the real credit goes to @u2roolz. The two or three times I filled in for him really showed me how truly dedicated he’s been to this project. It’s fairly easy for me to jot down the songs they play and then type them into the spreadsheet the next morning. Trying to catch everything they talk about, the client comments they’re responding to, and all the other nuances @u2roolz captures in these recaps is a next-level commitment. My hat is off to him.
  3. The Tweedy Show, Thursday July 29, Episode 200 -Show opens with Jeff welcoming everyone to episode #200 while sitting in the bathtub, as in episodes 1 and 100. -He wonders if he should do an entire show of Paul's requests, and asks Paul if he has any requests. -Camera pans left to reveal Paul sitting in the tub at the other end. He says he does have requests. -Susie and Spencer go downstairs and call Peter on the PedroBot while Jeff and Paul change into dry clothes. -Jeff puts workboots on without socks. That's How I Got To Memphis (Tom T. Hall cover sung by Spenc
  4. @u2roolz asked me to fill in for him and do tonight’s recap, which I did. But due to circumstances beyond my control I had to take notes in longhand. Will get them typed and uploaded ASAP tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.
  5. Well, there are at least three of us who care.
  6. Cannot verify. I was stepping out of the shower and my wife yelled up to me from downstairs to put it on my phone. So I know they also did Half-Asleep (during which she stopped the feed).
  7. According to the spreadsheet (and these recaps), they've played 6 out of the 11 songs on After The Gold Rush. The songs they have NOT played are: Southern Man Till The Morning Comes Don't Let It Bring You Down Birds When You Dance I Can Really Love
  8. No problem. Happy to help, but you can also click the link in my signature (below) and check out the spreadsheet any time you want to look up a song. If it gives you an error, try opening it in an incognito window.
  9. Sammy sang River Guard on episode 38
  10. I'm having serious deja vu with Casey's song Prodigal Son. It seemed so familiar to me I was sure she'd done it before, but I don't find it on the spreadsheet or if I run a search in this thread. Weird.
  11. I had put these songs on the spreadsheet and called it show #189.5. When I add last night’s show later today, I will change this to 190 to match your (Jeff’s) count, and -as always- to keep the spreadsheet in sync with your recaps.
  12. HAhahahahaha. No danger of me unseating U2Roolz in the re-capping department. I never, ever update the spreadsheet without cross-referencing/double-checking my notes against his as I go. It takes a village, ya know.
  13. Thanks everybody. (I don't know what or who Wally Pipp'd is, but as I said, I'm glad to help when needed.)
  14. Sorry, just now seeing this. You're very welcome; I'm happy to help. I actually didn't recall the song when he played it, but I went to enter "Please Be Wrong" on the spreadsheet, I saw that I had it listed as "Please Be Wrong About Me" from before. Likewise, Pittsburgh didn't sound familiar to me, either, but clearly that doesn't mean he hasn't plaid it before.
  15. I was asked to fill in as re-capper tonight: The Tweedy Show Thursday July 10 Episode 183 -Jeff & Basil welcome the clients - Animated credits Like I Used To (Sharon Van Etten & Angel Olsen cover with Spencer on drums & backing vocals) -Where’s Basil? -Happy birthday Rosie New Madrid (Spencer on backing vocals) -Rosie’s age (34) gives Susie anxiety -Sammy update from camp: Spencer shows photo of Sammy playing with a lamb. -Jeff shows video of 8-foot long snake he saw in the woods -Jeff talks about other animals he saw, and talks about s
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