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  1. If anyone uncovers a single for either night (Sat is my preference) I would really appreciate it.
  2. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to take a listen. Please check out all the artists own material. I chose them for a reason, their own material definitely would appeal to you guys on the board.
  3. I'm very proud to call Wisconsin home. We have so many great bands here. I rounded up a bunch of my favorites to cover Wilco's Summerteeth in full. I hope you enjoy it. It's a free download. If you can, please make a donation to the Wisconsin Humane Society or any cause you feel is deserving as support of this compilation. Enjoy: http://www.muzzleofbees.com/2010/09/03/wisco-a-tribute-to-wilcos-summerteeth/ Ryan
  4. Madison's mayor responds: http://blogs.1055triplem.com/mayordave/2010/02/22/well-call/
  5. Our review and photos from last night: http://www.muzzleofbees.com/2010/02/21/review-wilco-overture-hall-madison/
  6. Does anyone have any good photos I could use with my recap on Muzzleofbees.com?
  7. I heard that Jeff threw out the first pitch at the Cardinals vs. Brewers game last week. Can anyone confirm that or have photos? Ryan
  8. Definitely Jamie Lidell in that video, I would agree they are helping Beck out for his Record Club thing. Also, nice to see Jeff still rockin the Brewers hat!
  9. Here's a video we shot with Tallest Man On Earth in the balcony of the Pabst: http://pabsttheater.org/blueribbonvision/04_tallestman.html
  10. I dedicated a podcast entirely to Gram's music a few weeks ago. You can still stream/download it: http://www.muzzleofbees.com/2009/05/08/muz...dcast-volume-7/
  11. ok, I'm going to bed. nobody discuss this until I get back.
  12. the end of everlasting, which is also the end of the album is brilliant. love it. sounds like everything is unraveling and fading away.
  13. a couple of cups and one of those party favors that you blow into and it extends.
  14. Wonder if Mader's even knows?
  15. The chairs in the shot are originals from Turner Hall Ballroom and have a lot of years on them.
  16. somebody just posted a comment on my blog giving the album art "two humps up" LOL
  17. Gary Jules - name I haven't heard in some time. Used to dig his stuff long ago. Time to dig out his records.
  18. This venue sounds really cool/neat. Anybody got photos of the inside/architecture.
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