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Jay Bennett R.I.P

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Lennon/ McCartney did not work together creating new music for that long if you look at their discography: 1963-1969. Tweedy/Bennett were 1994-2001. Pretty similar length before it stopped working.


Lennon/McCartney: Official discography, 1963-1969, yes. But they were writing and working together for years before Please Please Me was released.


But I see what you're getting at and I agree that when there are two strong-willed, uber-creative personalities working together like that, it can only last for so long before the partnership implodes.

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I get goose bumps every time I see that scene......great song .....should've been on YHF if at all at least "hidden'' on the end.     -Robert

This isn't in anyway a confirmation but as of 6:58 eastern his wikipedia page has news of his death: Jay Bennett.   --Mike

Does anyone know Basil II (Robert) well? He's a huge fan of JB, is there a fast way to contact him?   --Mike

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Sure, I'm aware of the monumental changes (personnel, sonically, thematically) Wilco has gone through over the years. Still, "two completely different bands" is not an accurate description of a band whose founding member is and has always been its heart and soul. And it's not just semantics: the argument was that one cannot compare Jay to Nels as members of Wilco. Sure you can.

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Agreed. Whereas Nels is probably more sonically adventurous, and more actually skilled as a guitar player - especially in terms of speed - I enjoyed what J.B. brought to the band more...not just his guitar playing but his harmony vocals, keyboards, and the "foil" he seemed to present to J.T. in the studio.


That's not to say I minded the gap, when Jeff himself was providing the lead guitar role, as that is ironically my favorite period of Wilco for live performances. But once Nels came in, the Wilco I loved from 1999-2003 (and even before, through the magic of recording) was ultimately replaced by the version of Wilco we have had ever since. Still great, still innovative, but just not as enjoyable, for me, as my favorite era.


Regardless, I will always go see them when given the chance, unless something changes drastically.

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Never got to see the band while Jay was part of it, but to me there's a bit of Jay = heart, while Nels = brains.  Just from watching footage of the band with Jay, he is IN it.  He (with Jeff, of course) was Wilco.  With Nels, it seems more like he is a member of Wilco, as well as his various other musical projects.  He has a reservedness that makes it seem like he isn't as close to the songs as Jay was.  (Well, Jay wrote and co-wrote, so perhaps it is silly after all to compare the two.) 

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