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Madison webcast

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I recorded the whole thing. From the start to BBN i have skipping, but after that I switched browsers and settings to record in AIFF 24bit/48khz. I did some on the fly track splitting, but gave up halfway through. If anyone has any tips for me (as far as splitting tracks), I'd love to get this out there in .FLAC format (i know how to convert it). Glad people are interested in this.

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I audio taped the show from the 5th row. I missed the first minute or so because I didn't plan on them taking the stage that early.


I may try to splice the webcast audio in that first part so if someone had a FLAC or WAV file of the intro/wilco (the song). So if anyone has that let me know.



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If anyone recorded the webcast, that is awesome.. In the meantime, did anyone capture the Amsterdam show in the Roadcase now?


Someone did get the webcast, apparently almost perfectly. Hopefully it'll be in the roadcase soon, so someone can get a perfect copy. I should try to capture the Amsterdam show.

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Donna, I think I may have left my hot pink sequined hoodie at your place. Can I come by and pick it up and take you out for brunch?


Yeah, you did, and I'm pretty sure these are your orange-spangled leggings too! What on earth did you go home in last night, besides that lampshade? (need that back)


Brunch sounds good!

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