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Madison webcast

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So the setlist so far is:


Wilco (the Song)

Bull Black Nova

You Are My Face


Shot In the Arm


Sonny Feeling


Deeper Down


Is that correct?


You are missing One Wing between IATTBYH & Shot.


How do I know that? Well, I'm being a real geek by making an iTunes playlist (of live tracks) as the show goes along. :blush

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Speaking of setlists we're missing at least 3 of the Canadian shows from last week.

And the Duluth show's setlist is in the After The Show thread, but from a MN newspaper review. :mellow


Edit: If a WIlco setlist doesn't appear in the After The Show thread, then does the show really happen?

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Settle this:


I think the guys sound amazing tonight. Tight and fancy. My husband, who is listening mostly from downstairs, says they sound exhausted.


Who's right?

To me it is clean and clear sounding better then when i heard them live in person.. I say they are on their game tonight.


Impossible Germany is my Fav song...

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I worked tonight, so I was not able to listen in and am sleepy now. Two things...


1 Sarah and I saw Ashes of American Flags at the theater last night. I seat danced. Hard to imagine not seeing them this year. Sigh.


2 We are seeing Califone in three weeks. I can't believe how stoked I am.



Enjoy the show kids. Somebody get kidsmoke a beer. :cheekkiss

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