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5 Fave Songs from a Fave Band

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Warren Zevon


Mohammed's Radio

The French Inhaler

Lawyer's, Guns and Money

Don't Let Us Get Sick

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Led Zep

The Rain Song

Going To California

No Quarter

Achilles Last Stand

Ten Years Gone




Sue Me Jack

Angel Carver Blues/Mellow Jazz Docent

Embassy Row

Fight This Generation


damn. that pavement one was the hardest so far. so many great songs to not make the cut.


Yeah, if I picked again right now for Pavement my list might be different.  And that Zep list is spot on.

Lynyrd Skynyrd


Tuesday's Gone...



On the Hunt...

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Harry Nilsson

  • Mourning Glory Story
  • Jump Into the Fire
  • Take 54
  • Nobody Cares About the Railroads Anymore
  • 1941

As me in 5 minutes and it will be pretty much entirely different.

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Dazed & Confused

The Song Remains The Same

In My Time of Dying

Achilles Last Stand

Nobody's Fault But Mine

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Big Star


Stroke It Noel

The Ballad of El Goodo

September Gurls



Harry Nilsson

Remember Christmas

You’re Breaking My Heart

Jump into the Fire

Good Old Desk

Don’t Forget Me

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