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  1. Ha, that's great. I am desperately trying to find some new music. I feel like I haven't listened to anything but MMJ, Pearl Jam, The National, Gaslight Anthem & Drive-by truckers for the last six months and I'm really getting burned out.
  2. I've heard a couple of Lucero tracks on Pandora and have heard great things about them on this board (and others). Anybody got any suggestions of where to start, favorite albums etc.?
  3. Love that the stream is made up of easily downloadable mp3's and not flash embedded.
  4. After listening all weekend, the album's really grown on me and I'm kinda starting to love it. Not amazing, but solid and enjoyable. I don't have any songs I'm skipping and that's rare for a dbt album, honestly.
  5. This leaked. About half-way through my first listen now and I'm liking, but not loving, it but hopefully it grows on me. I wasn't much a fan of BTCD, other than a few GREAT songs (2 daughters, 3 dimes down, Righteous path, Ghost to most) but I am liking that this is a bit more rocking and less country.
  6. Got a pair in the 2nd row of the pit for the Atlanta show at around 9:55. Honestly, other than having to pay $8.50 for shipping, this was the easiest ticket buying experience I've ever had.
  7. Athens ticket time was 8 and Wilco took the stage about 9:05
  8. Tom Waits Live 7 inch MMJ Live 10 inch
  9. I emailed musictoday to check the status of my tickets for the Athens, Ga show next week and got this response within about two hours. Dear Fan, We are writing to inform you that your tickets for Wilco on April 20th at the Classic Center - Grand Hall will be shipping today. Once tickets ship you will receive an email confirmation of your shipment along with the tracking number for your order. We apologize for the delay. Thank you, Wilco Ticketing Customer Service Dept
  10. I just got an email saying LivePhish.com will be giving away free mp3 downloads of all three shows!
  11. Senuti is another free application that will let you take music off your ipod.
  12. Kings of Leon are great. I recommend checking out their latest cd Because of the Times. Their singers voice is an acquired taste but after I heard it a few times, they are now one of my favorite bands. Also, chances are good Eddie will do a solo acoustic tune before they play and then join them for the last song of KOL's set, usually slow night, so long of the aha shake heartbreak cd..
  13. I ended up with two posters from the February 19th residency show and none from any of the other nights. Does anybody else have any Residency doubles that they'd be interested in trading for my extra? I've attached a pic of the poster from the 19th, courtesy of music today. The poster I've got is in great condition and I'll be glad to provide hi-res pics if anybody is seriously interested.
  14. Has anybody caught any shows on this tour, yet? I'm going tomorrow night here in atlanta. Is there any truth to the rumors that the frames were going to be the backing band? Any Frames songs popping up in the setlists?
  15. You can see it even better on the vinyl.
  16. it looks like the mmj board crashed under the awesomeness of the broadcast. I'm recording here, too, but only the npr webcast. Hopefully someone is catching an fm feed somewhere.
  17. I used cheaptickets.com and got a pretty good deal on round-trip airfare for two and 7 nights at the Inn of Chicago Magnificent Mile on Ohio. I've read mixed reviews about the hotel itself but it's 3 blocks from a red line stop so it should be pretty easy traveling to and from the show every day and really I'll mostly just be using the room for sleeping, showering, etc. so I'm not too concerned if it's small.
  18. Got lucky right at 10 and scored a pair! My wife and I will be coming in from Atlanta for the week.
  19. pearl jam wilco my morning jacket silversun pickups
  20. MPEG streamclip can convert mpg files to ipod format without losing the audio. http://www.squared5.com/ Also, I think you can buy a couple of their videos off Itunes. I know I got the outtasite vid there when I got my ipod.
  21. That sums up my feelings about the atlanta show EXACTLY.
  22. I'm going to jump on it tonight and when it's done I'll send you a copy. just pm me your address.
  23. We were on the right side. Right in front of Pat. I wish I'd planned it better and could hit more shows on this tour. Tonight was it for us.
  24. I wish I was backstage, the wife and I were 3rd row. Totally soaked. Best wilco show I've ever seen. The pouring rain really made it special in a way I can't really describe. Probably the most fun I've ever had at a show, and I've seen some amazing shows.
  25. Amazing show in the pouring rain either way you are my face impossible germany sky blue sky iattbyh shot in arm handshake drugs camera side with the seeds shake it off walken hate it here jesus etc. war on war i'm the man hummingbird via chicago spiders heavy metal drummer outtasite I know I'm missing one or two and the main set may not be in the right order. That's all from memory. It totally poured and the band ate it up that we all stood in the rain to watch them. Lots of chatter and smiles among the band. Pat had a lot of family there. the "clansome"
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