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  1. In the air, Chicago bound. 3rd row, center pit, 4/23. 🥰
  2. Might have to do this (Chicago, Auditorium).
  3. Mare of Easttown is as good a show as anything I’ve seen in years.
  4. QFT. That second season is about as good as TV has done. Just shy of Patriot’s brilliance.
  5. I enjoyed Gorman’s book (I listened to the audiobook, narrated by Gorman). His narration is kinda funny, overly dramatic and f-bomb-laden, but I really enjoyed it all the same. Chris and Rich are just terrible people. Terrible. But those first 3 records will always get me, as will Ford and Harsch.
  6. Ha. You’re a good man. Thank you.
  7. Is no one monitoring the SPAM posting anymore or is it just a function of how dead it’s become around here?
  8. It’s so very, very good.
  9. City on a Hill is the best show in that genre since The Wire
  10. I try not to make too big a deal of such things but I have to say that but for those asshats this would have been the perfect Tweedy show. Never seen so few cell phones out. Perfect venue. Great setlist. Good vibe the whole night.
  11. We were about 5 rows behind the couple. First they got a warning, then they (we thought) got removed, then they returned, then they were booted during penultimate song.
  12. One of my absolute favorites, along with Shetland and Broadchurch.
  13. I don't think any of you were watching any of these things in 2018. Pack of lies.
  14. 10th row center orchestra Dallas.
  15. We’ve watched all of the following at some point in the past few months: —Maniac (loved it) —Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot (outstanding) —CB Strike (really good, based on the Rowling/Galbraith books) —Endeavour (one of my favorite shows ever) —Shetland (same as Endeavour)
  16. Saw him Sunday night. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
  17. I have no idea how it will sound with the full band but Noah’s Flood/Let’s Go Rain is some outstanding songwriting.
  18. Awesome. Sorry bout the pneumonia. Our whole crew has been sick the last week. But I got this going on:
  19. Yeah that’s a great show. Cults may be the only sane option left for us.
  20. Really envious of those of you who truly enjoy so much new music. I can’t remember the last brand new album that really grabbed me. Probably Jayhawks. I must have tried out 12-15 records on Spotify that people whose taste I trust raved about and none got me. Old fartism, I guess...
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